Sunday Services

Sunday 26th May Trinity Sunday Holy Communion at St Laurence 10.30 a.m.

Sunday 2nd June Trinity 1 Holy Communion at St John’s 10.45 a.m.

  • 1st Sunday of the month St John’s.
  • 2nd Sunday of the month St Laurence.
  • 3rd Sunday of the month St John’s.
  • 4th Sunday of the month St. Laurence
  • 5th Sunday will alternate please see calendar for details

Evening services will be arranged when possible.

Whichever service you attend you will find a warm welcome.

Recent Services

Ascension Day Service

Easter 7 Morning Worship at St Laurence

Pentecost Morning Worship at St John’s 

Where do I sit?

There is a notice in the porch that has been there for almost 90 years which states “All seats in this church are free.” Gone are the days when seats were reserved. You are free to sit anywhere in the main part of the church.

You may prefer to sit near to someone who can easily guide you during the service.

How to follow the service?

When you enter you should receive a service book(s) or the necessary sheet. You should be able to follow the service without problems. However don’t worry if you don’t always stand or sit at the right time we should tell you. Sometimes the service will be on the screen but books will also be available.

Please do not feel obliged to join in if you are not comfortable saying the words.

What is the service about?

  • We gather to worship God. We offer Him praise by singing hymns.
  • We listen to the words of the bible followed by the sermon where the words are given an interpretation.
  • We ask for forgiveness for the wrongs we have committed.
  • We pray for the needs of the world, the church and for ourselves. We give thanks for the goodness we have received.
    • We declare our faith in the words of the creed (if you do not feel comfortable saying these words do not feel obliged to do so.)
    • We share a drink and chat in the annexe after offering support and fellowship to all.
    • Collection or Offertory:- There is a collection plate by the door. This money goes to the work of the church and paying the bills. (Please do not feel obliged to contribute.)

    What happens –  Holy Communion?

    During this service we do all the above, but we particularly remember Jesus’ Last Supper. We do this by sharing in the bread and wine as the disciples did with Jesus before He died.

    If you wish to participate please do so.

    If you do not usually receive the bread and wine please do still come forward and receive a blessing, and bring your children with you.

    Welcome to all the family  

    If required we have a selection of toys and books that can be borrowed. Please help yourself from the centre bench.

    The annexe (across the churchyard) is open during the morning service. In the disabled toilet there are baby change facilities

If your baby or toddler is upset you will probably be more aware of the noise than people around you, don’t worry there is a microphone.

Feel free to walk around if this will give comfort.

We want your child to be safe and happy and we ask that you watch them as there are a number of places where they can bump their heads or trip.

There is a hearing loop.

Large print services are available on request.

Everyone is always welcome.

All seats are available but please sit where you feel comfortable.

In  there are paper and crayons always available and soft toys and story books available at St. Laurence.

What to wear  –

There is NO  dress code we want you to feel comfortable.

Cost – 

There is no charge, but a contribution to the work of the church would be much appreciated.

If you are a tax payer please consider Gift Aid. Some one will be able to help you with this if you are unsure. please ask. There is a card reader and a QR code available at St Laurence.


There are full facilities available at each church.

  • St Laurence – in the Annexe
  • St John’s at the rear of the building

Sight & Hearing provision

  • There is a hearing loop fitted to the sound system in St Laurence
  • Large print versions of most books are available

Remember – Everyone is welcome

Life Events – From the cradle to the grave.

Over the centuries the parish church has stood at the centre of community life. St Laurence like all English parish churches, was the place where the community gathered to celebrate, worshipped Sunday by Sunday and marked those vital moments in human existence – birth, marriage and death.

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