To become a full member of the Church of England and receive Communion Confirmation the teaching you receive during the preparation will help ensure that you will be fully equipped, with Jesus at your side, to face those things that life throws at us.

Once you have been baptised – this could be when you were a baby – or perhaps you wish to be baptised as an older person then your next step is to prepare for Confirmation.

Confirmation is when:

  • you confirm that you want  to follow Jesus.
  • the Church confirms that you are loved by God as a Son or Daughter.
  • you confirm that you will be serving Jesus in your life and work

Before you make this big commitment you will attend a 6-8 week course when many things will be discussed  with many questions asked and answered. This will ensure that you are fully informed to take the decision.

The Confirmation services are often at Easter, at the Cathedral.

If you wish to consider Confirmation please do have a word with one of the wardens.  They will be pleased to help you on your Christian journey.