The sacrament of baptism takes place at the font in a church. The font is often near a door to represent the entering into the church family of the one being christened.

There is a lot of information on the Church of England Website Here

To book a baptism, you should ideally come to one of our services (Please look at our calendar for time and venue). Enjoy the worship. You would be most welcome.

Then either meet a warden after the service or, if this is not possible, introduce yourselves and ask how you can best contact us.

If you would prefer to start by making personal contact  the warden looking after baptisms, Margaret Antill or email

Before any baptism is booked we like to meet the parents to talk about the meaning of baptism and think about how we can work together to help your child grow in faith and love.

Baptism services are normally held on Sunday afternoons.

We look forward to hearing from you.