58th Flower Festival Report

How good it is to be able to report on a Flower Festival in more normal times. We had a such a wonderful event. Being able to meet and talk without having to take so many extra precautions made the event so much more enjoyable for all. The weather too was kind, enabling us to sit outside for refreshments, especially on the Saturday, added to the enjoyment of all.

St Christopher

The theme “Journey” was chosen originally for the 2020 festival which for obvious reasons had to be virtual and with the restrictions applicable in 2021 it was deferred to this year. What a journey we have all travelled in that time. God had his hand on this event as He has in the past. He made the texts even more applicable to our time. He also ensured we had enough of everything that we needed to make it a great success.

We took the decision to keep the spending on the flowers down for two reasons: the increase in cost of flowers and to reduce our carbon footprint. We decided to grow more of the flowers ourselves and God was good as He gave us a wonderful show of many of the plants we grew. However, we had great difficulty growing sufficient marigolds for the words on the grass! (We did manage)

The Ethiopian and Philip

We also decided to use other mediums. One of the displays was put together on a computer, another was from the Christmas Tree Festival, a bouquet of flowers, all stitched by people around the world. We also had some flowers made from ribbon, these were not intended to look like a particular flower but to give another dimension to the event. Potted plants were used to add extra colour.

The Good Samaritan 

The amount of oasis used was also reduced, saving cost and helping the planet as it is a plastic-based medium.


Traditionally Saturday and Monday mornings are quiet but definitely not this year. Fortunately we were able to get extra help especially with refreshments. It was so good to be busy again.

“One more step along the world I go.”

We are very grateful to the Ansley Village Allotment Association for the produce they could provide. Finding produce to sell was difficult this year, so many gardeners and allotment holders have found their crops depleted by the very dry weather.

Peter’s dream in Joppa.

Again we are grateful to the Ansley Village Morris Dancers for providing additional entertainment on the Monday afternoon. This gives the event a very English feel and is much appreciated.

“Till in Heaven we take our place.”

As in past years we have to say a big thank you to the many people who helped with the various tasks and duties: making cakes, cleaning and clearing things away after the event, helping on the stalls and greeting people at the door.

Guide me O Thou great Jehovah

Part of “Guide me, O Thou great Jehovah.”

As in past years it is a great pleasure to read the entries in the visitor’s book

“Wonderful display- Beautiful flower displays. Love the scriptural references and models”.

“Lovely and creative.”

“Inspirational. Thank you.”

“One of the best ever, gives us lots of thought on life.”

The tribute to the people of Ukraine incorporated in the display on the pillars was particularly noted.

 It was so good to be able to talk comfortably with the visitors and for us to meet and work together again. The financial result was also a bonus in this current economic climate. We raised over £2,900, more than we expected. The donations to the Nuneaton Hospital League of Friends and the Acorn Children’s Hospice will be presented at Harvest.