Marie’s July Article

We watched Spring Watch in July and it certainly showed what a wonderful world we live in.  The different animals, birds, trees and flowers; all given into our care.  Let us hope and pray this habitat can be looked after and preserved for future generations.

When I was young, my sisters and I loved the cinema.  I can’t count how many films we saw at The Grand in Chapel End and  most of them we lapped up and went into a different world but now as we watch those same films again, they have lost their magic; the clothes are so dated, the way people lived and all the stars smoked cigarettes continually.  I’m glad we ran all those errands, sold Blackberries and Rose Hips and went carol singing to pay for the cinema because we remember a lot of those films with love.

A friend lent me a book written by a lady in Hartshill from late 19th to 20th century.  It really invoked memories for me as I remember the lady and her family, as I went to Hartshill School and Church.  The most amazing thing was to read about people who seemed to have led such ordinary lives but had led extraordinary lives.  One man had been in the Zulu Wars, one was an Indian Mutiny Veteran.  Miss Trye who owned the house and park where Hartshill High School is now was an old lady in a wheelchair, frumpy and crotchety, when I knew her but according to this book in her younger days she had been  presented at Court.  We never know how interesting and different some people’s lives have been.  I wish I could have written about them.

If you have ever seen the film “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” you will perhaps remember the song “With a smile and a song.”   Well there is a lovely line in it which says “There’s no use in grumbling when raindrops come tumbling.  Remember you’re the one who can fill the world with sunshine.” 

Marie Cove.                                                        

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  1. I love reading my grandma’s articles. I’m very lucky to have her and love her very much.

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