Ansley Churchyard Regulations


By resolutions of the Parochial Church Council 5/07/2007 and as amended 17/02/16 & 04/11/21.

Rights of burial & interment of ashes

The following are entitled to burial in Ansley Churchyard:

  1. All parishioners and anyone dying within the parish boundary.
  1. Anyone who has spent the greater part of his or her life living in the parish.
  1. Anyone wishing to be buried in an existing family grave, including both interment of ashes and burial.
  1. Anyone who is on the church electoral roll.
  1. Anyone who has served as an Officer for the Church for a substantial time.

Grave Spaces

  1. All headstones are to comply with the diocesan regulations as to size, colour and inscription. All require the incumbent’s permission or a diocesan faculty. Details are available from clergy, the Diocesan Registry and funeral directors. No changes to an existing stone can be made without a faculty unless it is for a conforming additional inscription authorised by the incumbent or Area Dean Temporary wooden crosses to be removed once stone is in place
  1. All grave spaces are to be turfed over after interment.
  1. Graves and the immediate surroundings are to be kept tidy by the relatives. The PCC can take no responsibility for loss or damage to graves and gravestones.

Cremation Garden

  1. Cremation burials will take place beneath 18” sq. horizontal slabs.
  1. Wedges may be placed on the slab, and may be engraved according to diocesan regulations. They may contain a section for one vase. Details are available from the clergy and funeral directors.
  1. Graves and the immediate surroundings are to be kept tidy.


  1. Flowers both on graves and on cremation plots must be in recognised containers (No glass, plastic or pottery)
  1. Christmas and Poppy wreaths are acceptable but will be removed in February / March.
  2. No other items are allowed. (Cards, ornaments and toys etc. will be removed).

Garden of Peace

The Garden of Peace is a unique place in the churchyard, open to all (regardless of qualifications for burial), for the interment of ashes only. No other commemoration e.g. flowers or plaques are permitted. Prior arrangements are to be made with the incumbent or wardens, who will notify of the procedures and costs. Names may be entered into a Book of Remembrance on request and space is provided for a message.