Marie’s April Article

April, 2024

As we see the seasons unfold, April is the month when the landscape changes.  There is more colour, with the spring flowers and blossom trees bursting into life and I always look in March for the Blackthorn which heralds all the other trees.  Then we have lighter nights, so we can enjoy the sunset longer but we must remember, “Do not cast a clout til May be out.”

I often wonder how in years to come our Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren will look back and how they will see their Grandparents.  I       only knew one Grandmother briefly and I remember her as a grey haired lady who wore lisle stockings.   I do however, remember my husband’s Grandma and she was tiny but very tough and she felt the cold, so she had thermogene wool under her slip and she cut the sleeves from old jumpers and wore them on her arms.

A lady who had a farming background described her great Grandmother as “She lived a potato sack life,” meaning her clothes were often patched with, or even made from potato sacks, “but she herself was fine linen.” Grandmothers today are younger and keep up with the latest fashion and pop groups.

Have you noticed that children are not as curious as they used to be? My own children were always asking questions, which I didn’t mind but now the youngsters “Google” it.  Rudyard Kipling never lost his sense of curiosity, his desire for answers, as this verse of his shows – “I keep six honest serving men. They taught me all I know.  Their names are What and Why and When and How and Where and Who.”

About the countryside the writer Hunter Davies said: “Take nothing but pictures; leave nothing but footprints; kill nothing but time.” 

 Marie Cove.