April Magazine

April Services at Ansley Churches

7th April

Easter 2

St John’s 10.45 a.m. Morning Worship
14th April

Easter 3

St Laurence’s


10.30 a.m.


Morning Worship


21st April

Easter 4

St John’s 10.30 a.m. Morning Worship
28th April

Easter 5

St Laurence’s 10.30 a.m.


Holy Communion

 From the Registers


The funeral of Peter Woolliscroft was held at St Laurence on Monday 19th February.  He lived and worked at Wood Barn Farm for many years.  He was born in Derbyshire but moved with his family to Warwickshire in 1957.  He met his wife to be, Jennifer, on the school bus.  They later married and after the birth of three daughters moved to Ansley, where they had a son.   Peter was pivotal in setting up a Co-operative buying group and loved the ploughing matches organised by Sheepy and District Ploughing Association.  He and his son turned from milking cows to arable farming in 1996 and were able to purchase the farm from the National Coal Board in 2012, when Peter retired.  After retirement Peter returned to dancing, which he  had enjoyed at school, and it was at a local dancing school that he met Susan.  They married in 2016 and spent lockdown tackling projects around the house and garden.  His funeral was attended by many members of his large family and by numerous friends. We remember Peter, his family and friends in our prayers.

 Advance Notice: Ascension Day

The Ascension Day service for the Ley Group will be at Fillongley Church on Thursday 9th May at 11.00 a.m.

 Bell Ringing

The Coventry Guild of Bell Ringers will have an open session for members at St Laurence Church on Saturday 20th April from 3.00 t0 5.00 p.m.  If anyone is interested in joining us on Tuesdays for our practices, please contact Anthony on 01676541105.  You will be very welcome.

 From the PCC

Finance: Report on the church’s finances to end of December 2023

General Account:

Income: This has remained fairly constant compared to 2022 but is not really keeping up with inflation.  The Annexe hiring income increased.  Interest on our deposit accounts increased greatly because of the rise in interest rates.  Overall income increased by £2,600.

Expenditure: The Parish Share allocation was reduced as we are now part of the Ley Group Mission and Ministry Team.  We agreed to pay £18,500 and this was fulfilled.

The PCC placed £1,000 into the Restricted Mission Fund to help give opportunities to grow the church. 

Electricity: Costs increased by £1,700 due to the rise in energy prices.  We received a grant of £698 from the Diocese towards these.(Direct debits for November and December 2022 are included in this figure.)  The rate being charged by Total Energies from October 2023 has reduced by 18%

Repairs and Maintenance: This greatly increased figure includes a new camera for the roof, new notice board, the asbestos survey and £3,00 towards the new LED lighting and wiring check. 

Overall our expenditure increased by £5,500.

Giving: St Laurence and St John congregations continued to give to charity.  The total was £2,811 which is 7% of our unrestricted income.      

Nine Samaritans Purse Shoeboxes were sent.

The balance of the General Account this year decreased by £1,400. This was partly as a result of the additional costs for repairs and maintenance.  We are extremely grateful to the members of the congregations and the parishioners. We will continue to monitor the effects of inflation on our income.  We thank God for his goodness to us.

Fabric Fund: The balance of £41,399 shows a deficit of £2,476.  During the year we repaired the three clerestory windows to the south, completed the ground gutters and painted the rainwater goods.  We also completed most of the work recommended on the bells and purchased new ropes.  The total cost was £9,150.  A bequest from Bill Mather, other generous donations plus increased interest and a grant towards the bells helped towards these costs.

Churchyard Fund: Following the 64% increase from fees last year, this has now returned to pre-pandemic levels at just over ££3,000.  Generous donations continued for churchyard maintenance, more of this was Gift Aided.  The increase in interest also helped.  Mowing costs reduced by £700.  £514 was spent on the Irish yew trees, as identified in the tree inspection.  At the end of the year there was a surplus of £1,149, giving a balance of £6,583.

Mission Fund: A further £1,000 has been added to this account to provide funding to reach out to people in the community.  A total of £124 was spent in 2023.

St John’s Church Hall: Usage continued.  The increase in hire charge off set the large rise in energy costs.  With the benefit of socials, four Bingo sessions, the Christmas Fayre and increase in interest received, there was a surplus of £1,657.  It has to be noted that numbers attending the socials have reduced recently.  The balance of £8,799 will ensure that funds will be available for future expenditure.

St John’s Services Account: £900 was transferred from this account and £220 received from Parish Giving towards the Parish Share.  Cash on the plate reduced by £200.  Nearly £200 was given in special collections for charities.  £144 was given to the Salvation Army, £124 to the Turkey earthquake appeal and £70 to the World Day of Prayer.  The account showed a surplus of £304, giving a balance of £6,540. 

Ansley Village Church Hall: The almost doubled income reflects the increase in hire charges and two generous donations.  There was also an election booking.  A change of supplier resulted in a water rebate.  Heating and lighting doubled because of the general increase in fuel costs.  The surplus of £1,526 gave a balance of £3,142.  Funding is being sought for planned improvements.

 Britain in Bloom – from little acorns!

 From the National Open Gardens Scheme  to the Ansley Gardening Club, then onto Ansley Planting Programme and now Britain in Bloom!  What a journey we have been on in the last four years!  Success has certainly bred success.  More people flock to the village each year to visit the wonderful Ansley Gardens, membership of the Ansley Gardening Group grows year on year spurring us on to start the planting programme.  With support from the community chest and the Big Local it has been a joy to see the tubs bursting with colour throughout the village.  So many people have commented on how much the planting has enhanced the village that it was almost a natural progression to move onto bigger and better – hence the entry to Britain in Bloom.

However, Britain in Bloom isn’t just about making the village look pretty. It is about community action – something that Ansley has in buckets full!  It will take into consideration, the work of the Paths Group as they enhance the local public footpaths and make them more accessible.  It will involve the re-treeing programme which is already having an impact on the local environment.  We also have a golden opportunity to involve the young people in Ansley, helping them be a part of the future sustainability of the village. The Allotment Association and the Art Group will be important partners as well as, of course, working in with St. Laurence’s Church to enhance the churchyard, plant up some of the areas that are a bit neglected and make our wonderful churchyard even more beautiful than it is already.

 It seems to me that entering Britain in Bloom will be a win-win for all – we get to encourage more community interaction, we improve the environment and we raise people’s spirits with beautiful planting, and who knows perhaps we will get Gold!

 If you want to be personally involved in this, then contact Janet Down on 07947898220 or by email janetdownmbe@gmail.com.

 Fillongley Concert – Music with Friends

The evening will consist of a beautiful selection of early music by Byrd, Guerrero, Moulu, Tallis and others.  It will take place at Fillongley Church on Saturday 27th April at 7.30 p.m.  Donations at the door.

 Prayer Requests

If you would like someone or a particular situation to be remembered in prayer, please make contact with the church by email or phone one of the numbers on the front cover.