Vicar’s February Letter


Perhaps the thing that is most obvious about February is Valentine ’s Day. The shops are gifts and there seems to be a card for just about any relationship. I even saw a card to ‘My Doggy Valentine’.

In the Bible, Jesus spoke a lot about love. Often we read that as romantic love, but the love Jesus talked about goes deeper than that.

Everyone has basic needs – we all need to eat and drink, we all need clothes to wear and someone to look after us when we are poorly. We also need friendship when we’re feeling alone and forgiveness when we’ve done something wrong.

Sadly, some people don’t have even the most basic things, like food, water and clothes. Helping people, whatever their need, is really important to God.

Some of the ways Jesus suggested how we are to love:

  • Giving a hungry person some food
  • Giving a thirsty person a drink
  • Giving someone who has few clothes something to wear
  • Being a friend to someone who is alone, even if you don’t know them yet
  • Caring for someone who is poorly

Perhaps there’s an item in the news or something happening in the family that highlights one of these needs.

There are so many practical ways to be kind in everyday places, like where we go to work or school, but also by giving or raising money for causes that bring relief to suffering people.

If you pray with your child at bedtime, it may be a good time to remember kindness.

Perhaps share with each other how you were kind to someone that day, or how someone else showed love to you, and thank God for that.