Marie’s January Article

January 2024 

When you read this, Christmas will be over and it is now the start of a new year.  2023 was a year to remember, not always in a good way, as from start to end there was the loss of our Queen, war in Ukraine, the fuel crisis and political tumult followed by war in Gaza.  Despite this let us look forward to this New Year with optimism.

Have you noticed that come ice, snow, frost or harsh winds, the garden plants die off but the weeds keep growing?  In our garden we have a lot of stinging nettles and I have been stung frequently.  As children there was always a dock leaf to soothe the stings but lately I have not seen any.

At St John’s Christmas Fayre we bought Aloe Vera plants and were told the sap in the leaves is very good for burns.  I wonder if it is good for stings.

  1. Arthur Rank, the film producer, had little time to waste, so he decided to do all his worrying on one day – Wednesday. Each time a worry loomed he would write it on a piece of paper, fold it and slip it into a wooden box. He would forget about it until the following Wednesday.  The amazing thing was that when he opened the box most of the things he might have spent hours fretting over had already taken care of themselves.

In this New Year I wish you hours filled with sunshine and few shadows. 

Marie Cove