Vicar’s May message

When I was younger, birthday parties were the best. There were always fun games, yummy food, and, of course, cake! It felt like there was a party every other week, especially as my classmates hit their birthdays. But now that I’m older, there aren’t as many parties. Maybe we’re not as hyped about getting older anymore. 

This year, I’ve been thinking about what makes birthdays so special. It’s not just about getting another year older; it’s about celebrating the start of someone’s life with joy. We sing, eat together, and play games to show how happy we are for them. It’s also a good time to say a prayer and thank God for the person whose birthday it is. 

Did you know there’s a day in the Christian calendar called Pentecost? It’s like the Church’s birthday and happens fifty days after Easter Sunday. It’s a big deal because after Jesus rose from the dead, he hung out with his friends before heading up to heaven. But before he left, he promised to send God’s spirit to help us live like he did. 

Ten days after Jesus went to heaven, something incredible happened to his friends. They felt this crazy wind and saw a bright light above them, like tongues of fire. They knew it was the Holy Spirit, just like Jesus said. It gave them the guts to go out and tell everyone that Jesus was alive again. 

For Christians, Pentecost is a big deal because it’s when we believe God’s Holy Spirit came into the world to help us spread the word about Jesus conquering death.