February 2021

Please see below an update on church services for February 2021
(As at 25th January 2021)
Public worship has been suspended in the Benefice during the month of February.  This decision was circulated online or by post towards the end of January. The church web page www.ansleychurch.org will have the latest information in the news section. The pattern of services given below is for information in the unlikely case that the situation improves unexpectedly. Regular reviews are taking place and services will be resumed when possible.  Funerals, burials, cremations, interment of ashes and other requests will be dealt with as they arise and will follow the latest government regulations.  Please speak to a churchwarden if you have any questions.
 Service Pattern (See above.)
         7th February     2 before Lent  Joint Benefice at St Wilfrid’s    10.30am
       14th February     1 before Lent  Joint Benefice at St Laurence  10.30am
       17th February     Ash Wed.        Joint Benefice at St Wilfrid’s    10.30am
       21st February    Lent 1             Joint Benefice at St John’s       10.30am
       28th February     Lent 2             Joint Benefice at St Laurence   10.30am
        7th  March          Lent 3             Joint Benefice  at St Wilfrid’s    10.30am
The Ash Wednesday service would normally be attended by members of the benefice churches and of Old Arley Methodist Church.  We hope to be able to meet together again in the not too distant future.
From the Registers
No entries this month.
Normally there is a plate at the cross aisles for a retiring collection during the Sundays in Lent.  Please look for details next month if you would like to send a donation this year through the church in the way most convenient to you.
Samaritan Shoebox Appeal (Operation Christmas Child)
A letter has been received about this year’s shoebox appeal.  Evidently boxes are also packed at a large warehouse in Oldbury using money from online donations.  They had packed 10,000 last year but this increased to 50,000 this year.  It was reported that the staff do like to receive the individually packed boxes as they show such personal care and love.  Because of Covid -19 and Brexit issues they struggled to obtain containers and then to ship the boxes overseas.  They are working hard to get them al on their way and assured us that the children are always delighted to receive them.
Virtual Christmas Concert
The final total from this event was £812.02, a wonderful sum.
This month the Christmas wreaths will be cleared so that mowing can start when the better weather arrives. The Health and Safety check of headstones etc. will also be carried out.  Because of the continuing corona virus outbreak we will not be able to gather as a working party in the usual way. Instead we are thinking of asking individuals to clear a particular section.  It may be necessary to stagger the work over the week commencing 22nd February to minimise any risk of spreading the virus.  If you can offer to help, please let a warden know.
Census 2021
Isobel Pemberton has sent a Census Timeline.  She is happy to respond to any questions you may have.  Her contact details are below.
• Mid January to end of April – Media Campaigns
• Mid to end of February – Completion codes and paper forms sent out.  Completion can be done online or on paper as soon as forms are received.
• End of February to April – Census completion events in community venues to give help/answer queries – depending on what restrictions are in place
• 21st March Census Completion Date
• April – reminder letters sent and field teams support completion
• May Enforcement teams begin to target non-completion households.
https://www.censusjobs.co.uk/ or https://www.census.gov.uk/ isobel.pemberton77@field.census.gov.uk – 07452943162.
Vaccine Fraud
We have been asked by Warwickshire Trading Standards to warn you to be alert to vaccine scams.  The following points are highlighted on a poster that is being circulated by the Government Counter Fraud and the NHS Counter Fraud Authority.  A search using Government vaccine fraud poster will bring up local authority and other sites which are spreading awareness of the scam.  Click on one of these to see the poster.  The main points are below.
Remember the NHS will 
• NEVER ask for payment – the vaccine is free.
• NEVER ask you for your bank details.
• NEVER arrive unannounced at your home to administer the vaccine.
• NEVER ask you to prove your identity by sending them copies of personal documents such as your passport.
The pandemic has of course made a comparison with previous years irrelevant.  It is however clear that many people have managed to continue to give donations and/or weekly collection money in a variety of ways.  We are extremely grateful to them all.
By the end of the year things were not as black as had been originally envisaged.  The two halls have taken a big hit through loss of income but both have had some repairs carried out.  The fabric fund benefited from a bequest and money has not been spent on planned work as it could not be carried out.  The Churchyard Fund managed to pay its way with just a small decrease in funds.  The Church General Fund ended the year with a deficit of just under £1,200.  Fortunately we had a good year last year and have been able to pay our way.
Future  Ministry in Ansley Parish
Following the Reverend John’s update circulated towards the end of October 2020, the Diocese has confirmed that his placement in the Benefice will finish at the end of June 2021.  The PCCs of Arley and Ansley were invited to meet jointly with the Area Dean, David Poultney and the Archdeacon Missioner, Barry Dugmore on 22nd September to start  the process of reviewing our plans and  hopes for the future.   The next step should have been a meeting on 11th January of the Archdeacon and Area Dean with the Churchwardens of Ansley and Arley to look at, revise and update the Parish Profile.  This would then be the basis for advertising the post and giving information to interested candidates.  Since a face to face meeting couldn’t take place, the Churchwardens of Ansley are in the process of commenting on what may need to be altered or added to in the previous profile with a view to circulating this to the PCC for further comments.   This is a rather unwieldy process but will, we hope, give us a picture of the needs of Ansley for the future.  The church at Arley is going through a similar process.
The church in Ansley and the members of the wider community have really appreciated the Reverend John Langland’s leadership and his and his wife’s commitment, diligence and support of individuals and families in the parish    We are fortunate that his time with us will have been longer than might have been the case but have to accept the change and challenges ahead.  In some ways it only seems two minutes since John and Frances came into the Benefice in others they seem to have been here for years and years. (In a good way!)  Please pray for the communities in the parish of Ansley, its congregations and for all involved in making plans and decisions for our churches’ ministry and life in the future.
Last but not least we pray for John and Frances as they look towards what lies ahead, wishing them good health and fulfilling, rewarding roles as they continue their life journey trusting in their Lord and Saviour’s presence with them.
Prayer Requests
If you would like someone or a particular situation remembered in prayer during  this time of disruption, please make contact by email or phone one of the following.
Rev. J. Langlands    024 7667 5236 email jlanglands@sky.com
Margaret Antill          018 2787 4520
Moreen Freestone    024 7638 1833
Margaret Oliver         014 5582 2822
Diana Kealey            02476395089

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