Flower Festival 2021 Report

Over the many years we have always been aware of God’s guidance during our Flower Festivals. This has been especially true this year. There have been so many uncertainties- Would it been permitted? Would people come?

Yes it was allowed and yes people did come. Well over 500 people visited the church over the weekend.

This our 57th festival was very different to anything we had done before. We had the theme “Remember”. With the help of borrowed display boards we exhibited a collection of over 1,500 photographs and newspaper cuttings of the previous 55 festivals in church. There were a few arrangements depicting items from our theme “We will remember them.” “Do this in remembrance of Me.” And finally with the title “I have overcome the world.” To reflect that we must remember even in these difficult times that Christ has overcome death itself.  With flower arrangements in many corners and on the pillars the church looked and felt alive again.

Cine films from the 1967&8 Flower Festivals were discovered in Australia, digitalised and sent to us. These were shown in the vestry and generated great interest and brought a demand for them to be made available again.

We need to thank all those who helped in so many different ways especially the members of Ansley Village Art Group who helped serve our visitors. Also the members of Allotment Association for the provision of much of our produce on the stall. Finally a special mention for those who returned back to Ansley to help again this year.

It was very pleasing to see so many enjoying the surroundings as they had their refreshments out

side despite the cool wind. At the end it was agreed that we should provide more space outside in the future.

As well as refreshments outside our other Covid control measures were appreciated by many of our visitors so we were able to hold our Festival again.

A few comments in our visitor’s book this year:-

“Lovely building, much beauty, history must be told.”

“Beautiful displays and reflective music.”

“Lovely peaceful place.”

“Beautiful church and flowers so reflective.”

“Thank you for all your work and dedication – much appreciated.”

“First ever visit, will love to come again.”

“Loads of truth.”

“Beautiful as usual. Job well done X.”

Wonderful. God Bless you all.”

An email received from one of the providers of the display boards “That is fantastic! Big congratulations to all

 involved. It is so fantastic that you still managed to run the festival with the current situation – it just demonstrates the dedication that you all have.”

The financial result was a bonus after such a difficult time for our funds. We raised just over £2,920, more than we expected. The PCC have therefore agreed that we increase the amount given to the two charities we support from £145 each to £200 each.