The Vicar’s March Letter

As we step into Lent, it’s like taking a deep dive into our inner selves. It’s a time to look closely at our faith, our lives, and our connection with God. Lent lasts for forty days, mirroring Jesus’s own time in the wilderness, getting ready for his big mission.

In our busy lives, we often forget the real meaning behind Lent. But in those quiet moments of thinking and praying, we’re invited to get closer to God, to say sorry for our mistakes, and to promise to be kinder and fairer to others.

During Lent, we usually talk about prayer, fasting, and giving to those in need. Through prayer, we ask for strength and comfort from God. Fasting helps us clear our minds and bodies of all the extra stuff, so we can focus better on what truly matters. And giving to others, especially those who have less, shows that we’re following in Jesus’s footsteps, spreading love and kindness.

But Lent isn’t just about giving things up and feeling down. It’s also about looking forward to Easter, when we celebrate Jesus coming back to life. Just like how winter turns into spring, Lent leads us to the happy times of Easter, reminding us that love and life always win over darkness and sadness.

In the Bible, the prophet Isaiah says, “Look, I’m doing something new; do you notice it?” Lent is a time to see all the new things God is doing in our lives, to grow, heal, and start fresh.

So, let’s go on this Lent journey together, knowing that Jesus is by our side, guiding us through tough times and towards brighter days. May Lent help us become better people, reflecting God’s love and kindness to everyone around us.