Vicar’s October Message

Weddings – – Miracles – – Abundance.

This summer I have had the privilege of officiating at three weddings in Ansley at St Laurence’s church. The final couple of the year chose ‘The Wedding at Cana’ as their reading which meant I had to prepare a new wedding sermon.  This was initially slightly frustrating, but  I enjoyed thinking through some of the possible meanings of Jesus’ first miracle so much that I thought I’d share some with you.

Jesus is at a wedding in the neighbouring village of Cana.  When the wine runs out, he instructs the servants to fill six stone jars to the brim with water and then to draw some off for the chief steward.  By the time the water is tasted, it has become very good wine.  One commentary suggested that Jesus made enough wine to fill a thousand bottles, probably a bit generous, but it was definitely more than 500 bottles.  That must have been a very memorable party!!  It’s good to remember that Jesus enjoyed weddings, parties and meals with friends.

The word that I’ve taken from this story is, ‘abundance’.  Jesus could have refused the request for help, leaving everyone to drink water or simply provided an adequate amount of wine.  Instead, he provided an excessive volume of the best quality wine, wine in abundance.

I also noticed, that the servants were asked to contribute something towards the miracle. Their task was well within their capability, but might have seemed a bit embarrassing – why fill up the water jars meant for hand washing, after the feast had begun?  I think it was their faithfulness in a small task, that opened the way for the abundant miracle.

We have a God who wants to bless us abundantly and also involve us in the process. God wants to take our small, faithful offerings and turn them into abundant gifts for others.  The wedding at Cana, reminds me of a fundamental truth— serving Christ is not about how much we have or what we give, but rather how much God gives by multiplying what we generously offer.

Is there some small thing you can offer; perhaps a donation to the foodbank, or a good deed …? I wonder how God will multiply our offerings into an abundant blessing for those in need.

You can look up Jesus’ first miracle in your Bible, John 2:1-12      Rev’d Jo Parker.