Vicar’s December message

Christmas 2023

I understand that not everyone may share this sentiment, but I sincerely hope that, as you reflect on your childhood Christmases, you are filled with joyful memories. What exactly makes Christmas so extraordinary for children? It’s about feeling special. Regardless of the ups and downs of the year, adults go out of their way to create a special and magical experience for their children.

Children revel in being the focal point of attention. The element of surprise is a key factor—they eagerly anticipate the unknown, knowing it will be something delightful. The waiting is filled with excitement and a profound sense of wonder.

When someone puts on the Father Christmas costume, the intention is for children to wholeheartedly believe in the magic without overthinking it. While this can lead to amusing incidents (like the child who reminded a school Father Christmas of their Christmas wish made weeks ago at the Co-op), the essence lies in fostering genuine belief.

Although we may no longer be children, the magic of Christmas remains special for all of us, regardless of age. This uniqueness comes from the understanding that Jesus was born as a baby for each one of us. The surprise lies in expecting God’s presence to bring joy. There’s a sense of wonder and awe that goes beyond rational arguments, allowing us to be still in the presence of something greater than ourselves.

In essence, Christmas is a wondrous time for individuals of all ages—a celebration of the extraordinary that unites us in the joy of being special.