Marie’s October Article

If you saw the blue moon in July it was a beautiful sight.  Then we have different countries thinking about exploring the moon for precious substances and also orbiting the sun.  Hasn’t man done enough ruining the earth, without starting on  the beautiful sun and moon?

In the September magazine I was talking about Autumn and the nights drawing in but what we couldn‘t have envisaged was that we would have a   heat wave with temperatures over 30 degrees.  Everyone was sweltering and it was not only hot in the day but also through the night.

As the nights draw in I remember how we used to love Autumn when we would love running through the piles of fallen leaves, collecting conkers and nuts.  Then there was the Harvest Festival, Hallowe’en and bonfire night to enjoy during those months before the festive season.

My great granddaughter was doing some sewing and asked me if I had any buttons.  When she opened my button box and my sewing box, her eyes nearly popped out of her head.  She said, “Are these your life savings?” and I  suppose this is right as many of the buttons are very old and provoke many memories.

I was reading an article about a lady who was celebrating her 101st birthday.  She’d had a very hard life with little money but the people who spoke to her at the party all said she never mentioned any of the bad times but remembered and spoke about happy times in her life. I suppose many of us are like that lady because we love to remember holidays. I personally remember the school trips with my son, the funny things children say and do and conversations with family and neighbours.

It is harvest time and once again, we give God thanks for sun and rain, for fruit and flowers which grow so fair, growing where the earth was dark and bare.

Marie Cove