Marie’s May Article

We didn’t go to many birthday parties when we were young as there were so many of us but  when we did go to a couple of parties our Mam would say before we went “Know your manners (say please and thank you) and don’t speak unless you are spoken to.  Then when you go home thank the lady for having you.”  I was reminded of these words when I heard  all sorts of people, (some quite famous) thanking the interviewer for having them.

When I see the football players with their outlandish hair styles, one stands out for me as they have their hair shaved leaving just a cap of hair on top, as when we were young we used to say that lads with this hair cut had their hair cut round a basin.

At the end of March I was watching the birds collecting twigs etc for their nest and we had some plants waiting to be set out.  A Wren was among them picking out dead bits.  I felt a bit apprehensive as a Wren built a nest in one of our hanging baskets a couple of years ago and we couldn’t water it because we might drown the baby birds but the plants still flourished.

The first mobile ‘phone call was made by the general manager of Motorola in 1973 – the ‘phone weighed more than 2 lbs, took 10 hours to charge for 30 minutes of use.  It wan’t until 10 years later (1983) that mobile ‘phones were released commercially. After this Vodaphone launched its network in 1984 followed by Cellnet but at this time only the rich could afford them.  The companies banked on 20,000 subscribers in a decade but 3 years later half a million people had signed up and coverage reached 90% of the population. By 1987 universal GSM systems were unveiled and the G2 systems took mobile ‘phones digital for the first time.

As bluebells flow like waves of blue

and the grass so green with velvet hue,                                  

 It’s that time of year we love so dearly,

Spring has arrived to cherish yearly. 

Marie Cove.