Marie’s June Article

What a wonderful time of the year this is, to see the May blossom in bloom, Roses showing their colours, but especially for me I love the big Red Poppy which comes every year and has been there, just the one for over 30 years.

We were talking about things we of a certain age, miss in the 21st century.   I used to love the cream off the top of the milk, pork dripping sandwiches, bread dipped in the fat in which steak had been cooked and chips cooked in the chip pan with lard.  Toast has never been so nice as when we had an open fire and a toasting fork.  I most of all miss soaking in a bath, reading a book and topping up the water.  I suppose most of the foods were fattening but we didn’t have cars, so we had plenty of exercise and we played outside for hours on end, so kept thin and fit.

When we were coming back from Hinckley, I noticed on the Industrial Estate a unit called “The Smile Factory”.  I would have loved to go in and see what it was all about but just seeing the name made me smile even though it was pouring with rain.  My Granddaughter later told me it sold everything you need for parties.

We have all seen Trebor sweets, e.g. Refreshers, Extra Strong Mints, Black Jacks, the list goes on and people thought the name came from Robert backwards who was one of the partners in 1906.  Actually it came from Trebor Terrace’s developer, Robert Cooper, who died in the late 19th century. His grandson was named R. Trebor Cooper.

I start off Tomato plants on the window sill and keep turning them as they respond to the sunlight.  Most of us feel happier, when the sun is shining and it is a great joy to walk on the sunny side of the street or sit in the garden in the sunshine. As a saying goes “Keep your face always towards the sunshine and the shadows will fall behind you.” 

Marie Cove