Marie’s July Article

During the 3 weeks from the end of May into June when we had some really hot weather, I greeted many people saying, “Is it hot enough for you?”   Most replied, “It’s too hot, especially for sleeping.”  We English are never fully satisfied with the weather which is served up.  We long in the cold, dark winter months for warmer days.  Then when it wouldn’t stop raining we wanted it to stop, only for us to long again to see the sun.   Fortunately here in England we do not have the extremes of weather seen in other countries.

I saw a picture advertising a wildlife programme, of a little Macaque standing in water.  It was so cute I cut it out and stuck it in my journal but I was so disappointed to find it wasn’t real but a spy camera.  In these enlightened times can we ever know what is real or what isn’t?

Did you know the electric iron was invented in June 1882.  Before this irons were heated on the fire or sometimes filled with hot coals.  Henry W. Seeley’s invention of the electric iron weighed over a stone but was not considered as dangerous to carry.

After World War 2 the U.S.A. sent huge amounts of food and materials to help rebuild war-shattered Europe. Such deals could seem impersonal as much would eventually be repaid. To make it more personal a “Friendship Train” travelled across the States collecting gifts for the  European people.  Two years later the ‘Merci Train’ made the return journey carrying such personal items the Europeans could spare. In desperate times people are often at their most wonderful!

A woman on holiday in Rome was asked what her favourite place was.  She said, “The Coliseum without a doubt because it is proof that you can be old and you can be broken but you can still be magnificent.”

Marie Cove