Marie’s January Article

January, 2023

When you read this magazine Christmas will be over and a New Year – 2023 begun, but what will be our lasting memories of 2022?  The past year has been strange, to say the least.  Covid still prevalent and the flu catching up, with worrying news of war in the Ukraine.

We started full of hope that we had Covid on the run, but it just wouldn’t leave us, but we have had the freedom to go out, visit loved ones and get back to some sort of normality.  However, then we had a heat wave which was at times unbearable and farmers and gardeners were longing for rain, but amid all this 2022 dealt us the worst blow – the loss of our beloved Queen, who had been a constant for so long.  This was followed by political upheaval and millions worried about the cost of living. So take your pick – how will you remember the year 2022?

It seems that every year people young and old of Britain long for a White Christmas.  They almost had their wish this last Christmas when we had a bitter cold spell, but now the New Year is the warmest on record.

We had a party on Boxing Day and it was so enjoyable as young and old joined in the games, got through stacks of food, and not a mobile ‘phone or tablet in sight, but what really started my Christmas was the 9pm Communion Service at St. John’s .  Being able to receive the bread and wine in the normal way and to see 21 people swell the carol singing was marvellous.

Whether or not we propose to make New Year resolutions, the end of one year and the beginning of another is a time to take stock:  To look backward with gratitude; to look onward with hope and to look upward with confidence.

Marie Cove