Marie’s April Article

Towards the end of March I looked out of the window as I was washing up.  There was a heavy dew on the grass and on the rose bush there was a very large Cobweb.  It was like a work of art in lace.  Also we had some lovely sunny days , so when we had one day of rain everyone complained.

When I see the Wallflowers in bloom, it reminds me of many, many years ago, as my mother loved them, but she called them Gillivers, not Wallflowers, so I wondered where the name came from.  A gardener writing in 1947 suggested that April should be approached with caution.  He said many plants were still feeling the effect of the winter weather.  Some might be beyond saving , but also some need care and attention and time so that we can be surprised later in the year when they find the strength to bloom again.

In our newspaper Saturday magazine there were tips for what to buy on Mothers’ Day (Mothering Sunday).  It was ridiculous with perfume ranging from £34 to £106,  a dress priced at £335, a watch £300, and various other really expensive items.  I am sure most mothers wouldn’t expect such extravagance and most couldn’t afford it anyway.  What happened to  a simple bunch of flowers or serving mum breakfast in bed,  and as you grow older a visit for a chat and a cup of tea.

I went to look for a propelling pencil and another customer and I searched in Tesco. Eventually we realised we were looking for the wrong name, as they are now called “Mechanical Pencils”.  I found one together with refill leads, but the name doesn’t fit what the pencil does, as it propels the lead down to the nib.

Take a little time each day, however busy you might be.                                                                     Look around at earth and sky, the beauty of each plant and tree.                                                  Take a moment now and then, whatever tasks you need to do.                                                        Relax, be happy, share a smile.  Take a little time for you.


Marie Cove.