Marie's September Article

29 Sep 20

September, 2020

It has been a delight and our saving grace this last few months to see the beauty of our garden at the back and the front of the house unfold, attracting many bees  and beautiful butterflies.  The roses have especially excelled and now we are reaping the fruits of our labour as we gather runner beans, tomatoes and a couple of cucumbers.

I have been an avid knitter for nearly 80 years - from baby items, jumpers, Arran sweaters, bed socks, blankets etc. - in all types of wool. When I bought some wool recently, it was called Happy sheep wool.  Then the biggest surprise of all, on the label it said, “No sheep were sheared to make this yarn, so rest assured they’re all warm and snuggly in their own woolly jumpers tonight.”  It looks like wool, knits up like wool but it seems it is not wool as we know it.

I have recently spent a lot of time clearing out.  During this time I kept stopping and looking at books I hadn’t opened for some time.  Inside some of them were bookmarks, photographs, tickets to various functions such as dances and even wedding invitations, all of which evoked memories of the past.  I even shed a tear but needless to say I didn’t throw anything out.

“There is always hope of tomorrow to brighten the clouds of today.    There is always a corner for turning no matter how weary the way.        So just look ahead to tomorrow and trust that you’ll find waiting there the sunshine that seemed to be hidden by yesterday’s clouds of despair.”   Helen Steiner Rice. 

        Marie Cove.

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