Marie's March Article

28 Feb 20

Our bathroom door started to creak.  Dave said I needed WD40 but then I remembered when we were young our Mam would grease door hinges with Vaseline, so I tried it.  It worked like magic – no more creaky door.  In fact Vaseline was used for chapped hands, Grazes when children fell down and also lip balm.

When I see adverts for kitchen cupboards which are ‘childproof’, it makes me laugh as our daughter-in-law was very safety conscious.  She had child locks on the fridge and the cupboards, and all was well with her daughter.  Then along came our Grandson who worked very hard and finally removed all the cupboard locks and even took apart the stair gate after getting stuck in it a couple of times. Some children are just not ‘childproof’.

I periodically like to read my favourite books over again.  I was reading “The Little Woman,” which is the story of Gladys Aylward who was the subject of the film, “The Inn of the 6th happiness,” who took over 100 children over the mountains to safety. But the film does not tell the whole story.  This makes you wonder at her resilience, her courage and her faith in God.  I think she passed on these attributes to many of the children, who were also brave and kept those qualities learnt from Gladys, many throughout their lives.

Some years ago my friend bought me a Crossword Dictionary and it has been useful and interesting but now as the times have changed, many categories such as countries and capital cities have changed and it’s hard to know what the countries and capital cities are any more.  I suppose Google might be the answer but when I am doing a crossword I just like my pencil and my dictionary.

After church one Sunday we were talking about ‘Squirrels’.  It is strange how many of us love these mischievous, acrobatic creatures.  They destroy our bird feeders, empty the contents and still we have an affection for them.

March can come in like a lion and out like a lamb  or vice versa, but whichever it is, let us be thankful that this month of March brings lighter nights, Snowdrops, Crocuses and new life all around us.

Marie Cove

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