October Magazine

October Services at Ansley Churches

Please note: On the first Sunday of the month the service at St John’s will start at 10.45 as the vicar will be coming from Corley.  This will be for the next six months.  The congregation will be welcome to gather at !0.30 a.m. as usual.

  1st October

Trinity 17

St John’s 10.45 a.m. Holy Communion
 8th October


St Laurence’s 10.30 a.m. Morning Worship
15th October

Trinity 19

St John’s 10.30 a.m. Morning Worship
 22nd October

Trinity 20

St Laurence’s 10.30 a.m. Holy Communion
 29th October

Last Trinity

St John’s 10.30 a.m. Songs of Praise

From the Registers


Nicholas Farmer’s ashes were interred in the churchyard on 13th September 2023.


Many family members and friends joined Paul Rowland and Mollie Phipps at St Laurence Church to celebrate their wedding on Saturday 9th September 2023.  A group of musicians

played all the music for the service.  Along with their family and friends we wish Paul and Mollie many years of happiness. 

Harvest Festival

St Laurence’s Harvest Festival Service will take place on Sunday 8th October at 10.30 a.m.  You are very welcome to join us to give thanks to God for all he provides for our needs.  There will be a presentation during the service of donations to Acorn Hospice and Nuneaton Hospitals League of Friends from part of the Flower Festival income.

Gifts of produce will be sent to the local Food Bank, so please make sure any items will keep for several days.  There will be a special collection plate will be used for cash donations, which will be sent to The Salvation Army. We will be decorating the church on Saturday 7th from 1 p.m. Please come and help if you can. 

Bell Ringing Visit

A team of visiting bell ringers will be ringing at St Laurence on Saturday 14th October at 10.30 a.m.  You are welcome to come and listen in.

St John’s Bingo

The next session is on Monday 23rd October.  Eyes down at 7.00 p.m.

Samaritan’s Purse Shoebox Appeal

The shoeboxes will need to be in by 13th November to make sure they are distributed by Christmas.  Please ask for a leaflet if you would like to prepare some gifts for children who have very little.  Suitable gift suggestions are given in the leaflet.  If you have a spare shoebox, or several, please bring them along to church for others to use.

Christmas Tree Festival 2023

If you would like to buy and decorate a tree, please ask for a form.  The cost of the tree is £15 – the same as last year.

Flower Festival 2023 –Report

“Peaceful and Heavenly!

“Emotional, wonderful display of God’s love xx”

“God is Light”

“Stunning, delightful, beautiful meaningful arrangements!”

“A fantastic display so full of meaning and so beautiful. Thank you to all involved.”

Just some of the comments written in our visitor’s book. There were many more given verbally. Some of the most rewarding for us is that the theme of ‘Numbers’, and the programme wording particularly brought the Christian message over. Ever since our Flower Festivals began the main aim has been to spread the message of Jesus through another medium. It is always a joy to decorate St Laurence Church and when people come and receive that message, we thank God that our main aim has been achieved.

This year the weather was mostly dry but a bit cool and it was a shame that only a few people were able to sit in the churchyard to enjoy their tea and cake. But the fact that we had to send out for more cakes on the Monday was very encouraging. Many visitors were able to enjoy our refreshments and we are very grateful to the many people who provide our cakes, and to those who serve them.

The Saturday and Sunday saw a constant stream of people visit the festival but Monday was very different. We don’t officially open till 11a.m. but as is often said if we are there the church is open, even if you have to make your own cup of tea! From just after 9.30a.m. we had visitors, meaning the carpet was not hoovered that morning, and the rate at which they arrived was amazing. By the time the Morris Dancers came to give one of their most appreciated displays, people were looking for places to park. We are very grateful to the Goadby family for providing extra parking for us. We certainly needed it on the Monday. We must apologise to the people who were unable to get a drink because of the long wait for a cuppa that afternoon.

As last year we used pot plants to add colour and variety to the festival and we say thank you to those who lent their beautiful plants to enhance the church. We again used the beautifully embroidered flowers that have now been given to the church. It is our intention to offer these for a donation next year, but how are we to put a cost on the hours of work that these flowers have taken to produce.

This year it has been greatly felt that God has helped us,through the provision of all we needed. Especially the flowers and extra people who offered to help when we were busy, both in the preparations and during the event.

As always we have to say a big thank you to the many people who helped with the various tasks and duties e.g. organising the Quiz the prize donated by JKE Ltd Nuneaton, greeting people at the door, the cakes for the raffle and selling the tickets, by making cakes, produce for the stall and those manning the stalls the cleaning before during and after the event and – clearing things away after!

Details of the quiz in next month

Ley Group Commissioning Service – Report

The Archdeacon, The Venerable Barry Dugmore with the Area Dean Rev Dave Poultney invited the Ley Group churchwardens to witness the legal giving of oaths and signing of documents before the service commenced.  The Reverend Steve Medley conducted the first part of the service and the Reverend Gail Phillip took the Holy Communion section.  Thank you to all who provided cakes and to the team at Fillongley who supplied the tea.

Art Exhibition – Report

This was a great success.  Over two hundred pictures were displayed and other items were for sale too.  Eighteen pictures were sold and ninety two visitors came through the door.  Total of £160 was raised and has been given to St Laurence church funds.  The people of the church thank all who contributed to this event.

The Girls’ Brigade

The group meets at St John’s in Ansley Common on Thursdays between 6.00 p.m. and 8.00 p.m.  The group caters for four different age groups, from Reception to Year 13.  Activities include Games, Crafts, Bible Stories, Camps and Day Trips.  The older group members can achieve Duke of Edinburgh and Queen’s Awards.  You can find out more by contacting Captain Ruth on 07752468142 or by email at 1stchapelendgirlsbrigade@gmail.com.  New members will be made very welcome.

From the PCC

Moreen Freestone

The congregations of Ansley Church wish to acknowledge and thank Moreen for all the work she has carried out over the past 20 plus years, for the Church and Village Church Hall, as church warden and PCC member. She enjoyed being involved in many activities and gave her time willingly. It is with regret that we have to let you know that Moreen is no longer well enough to continue with her various tasks. We wish her well in her new surroundings and ask that you remember her in your prayers now that she is no longer able to join us for services and worship.


We are planning to have a new arrangement for the printing of the magazine from the New Year. In the meantime, we are managing with the new copier/scanner we purchased with a grant from the diocese a few months ago.


Prayer Requests

If you would like someone or a particular situation to be remembered in prayer, please make contact by email or phone one of the following.

Margaret Antill               018 2787 4520

Margaret Oliver             014 5582 2822

Diana Kealey                 024 7639 5089

Phil Rees                      024 7639 4381