August Magazine

29 Jul 19

St Laurence’s Church, Ansley Services
Sunday    4th    Trinity 7 10.30 a.m.  Ordinary Time Screen
  6.30 p.m. Holy Communion
Sunday  11th   Trinity 8  10.30 a.m. Morning Prayer
  6.30 p.m. Evensong
Sunday  18th Trinity 9 10.30 a.m. Holy Communion
  6.30 p.m. Holy Communion
Sunday  25th Flower Festival 10.30.a.m. Holy Communion
  6.30 p.m. Evensong

St John’s Church Hall, Ansley Common Services
Sunday    4th Trinity 7                 10.30 a.m. Family Service                                     
Sunday  11th Trinity 8                 10.30 a.m. Holy Communion  
Sunday  18th Trinity 9                 10.30 a.m. Family Service     
Sunday  25th Flower Festival      10.30 a.m. Joint at St Laurence

From the Registers
On Sunday 14th July, Wilton Arthur Carl Townshend was baptised at St Laurence Church.  He was supported by his parents, Jessica and Carl and other family members and friends.  We welcome Wilton into the church community and pray for him and his family as they nurture and care for him.

Katie Hughes and Christopher Goode celebrated their wedding day on 13th July 2019, in the presence of family and friends.  We wish them every happiness in their married life together.

Mrs Betty Mae West’s funeral was held at St Laurence’s church on 12th July.  She died aged 91 years on 10th June 2019.  She had been a widow for 24 years after a happy marriage to her husband Jim, who died in 1995.  We extend our sympathy to Carole and Eloise, her daughters and to her brother Alan, her niece Christine and to Jim’s brother Stan and to their respective families.

The funeral of Mrs Marcia Sutton took place at St Laurence Church on Wednesday 17th July at 10.00 a.m.  She grew up in Birchley Heath and later, after her marriage to Malcolm, lived for many years at Manor Farm, Ansley.  Marcia dedicated her life to her family and the family business.  She also found time for many interests, including gardening, jam making, involvement in the local Sheepy and District ploughing and hedge cutting competitions and playing tennis at Ansley tennis club. She will be sorely missed by her family, friends and the church family at St Laurence.

Prayer Meeting at St John’s
The prayer meeting this month will be on Tuesday 20th August at 2.00 p.m.  Please note the change of venue as the Annexe will be in use for Flower Festival preparations.
A tribute to Marcia Sutton – 16th March 1931 – 1st July 2019
Marcia was a lifelong member of St Laurence Church, supporting its work in so many different ways.  She enjoyed singing and was a member of the senior choir all her adult life.  She was PCC secretary until she married in 1967.  The Reverend Stanley Marriott wrote of her minutes,
“Beautiful handwriting and very neat, her minutes would be a bonus for a local history student.”
Later on she was church treasurer for twenty years.
She worked hard at all church events, taking over the lead for catering from Mrs Berridge.
Marcia demonstrated her faith by always making time for people – she was willing to help anyone.  She was a good friend and mentor to many in the wider community, where she always supported her late husband in Parish Council work.
She will be missed by us all but happy memories of her will be treasured.  We extend our condolences to all the family and her many friends.
We thank God for her commitment and for all that she has contributed to the church and for parishioners over her whole life. 
55th Flower Festival at St Laurence
The theme for our festival this year is “Rest”.  For the many people involved in planning and running the festival, the thought of rest will be far from their minds.  However we set forth with confidence each year that God will bless our efforts, that we will have the energy and support of the local community and that there will be rest after the event is over and everything has been cleared away!
The success of this event relies heavily on people knowing about it.  Please do help us to publicise our flower festival.  We find that “word of mouth” works best but letting your social media contacts know  about it is also helpful, as well as our own arrangements with local radio, newspapers etc.
The Festival runs over the bank holiday weekend, beginning on Friday 23rd August from 6.00 p.m., with a short service of dedication at 7.00 p.m.  The church will be open from 10.00 a.m. on Saturday 24th August and Monday 26th August and after the morning service (11.45 approximately) on Sunday 25th August.  The festival will close at 6.00 p.m. each evening after the Friday.  You will be welcome to come across to the Annexe for refreshments, or to browse the produce stall or have a go at the raffle for a decorated Madeira sponge cake, both of which will be in the churchyard.
Ansley Morris will be dancing on Monday afternoon, in the churchyard if the weather allows, or in the church if not.
As you tour the church, there will be the opportunity to add a stone to a pile, symbolising the laying down of a burden and/or to place a flower in an arrangement as a thanksgiving.  You will also be invited to write a prayer and place it in the prayer jar.  These prayers will be brought before God before the end of the Festival.
We will once more be supporting the Nuneaton Hospital League of Friends and the Acorns Children’s Hospice as well as raising money for church funds.  Entrance is free but we do say,
“Please place a gift here, not only to thank God for the joy of the Flower Festival but for all the joys that God has brought you.”
The festival will close at 6.30 p.m. on Monday 26th August with a service of thanksgiving and prayers.
A report and some photos of the 2018 flower festival can be seen at 

St John’s Tea and Cake Afternoon
This was an enjoyable afternoon.  So far £287 has been raised for charity.  Thank you to everyone who helped to plan and run this event and of course to all who supported it by coming along or giving donations.

Salvation Army Collection Point
St Laurence Church has received £16.23 from the Salvation Army following their latest collection.  Thank you to all who have donated clothes etc. to the car park bank.
From the PCC
Having had some time to consider our vision and hopes for the future, the Rev. John will be meeting St John’s and St Laurence’s congregations after morning services this month to share ideas.  Any member of the congregations is welcome to put forward their views even if they cannot stay after services.

Have you mislaid a pair of garden shears?
A visitor to the churchyard in June found a black rubbish bag lying around.  As it was being emptied into the bins, some good quality garden shears were found in it.  Please speak to a church member if they are yours and they will be returned to you.

Dog fouling 
The PCC is concerned about dog mess being left around the churchyard.  So far it has not affected a grave directly but it is upsetting for our visitors to see.  Notices have been placed to remind people to “Bag it and bin it”, so it is hoped that this problem will cease.

Tidying the churchyard – From Monday 13th August
Please come and help if you can as we tidy the churchyard in preparation for the Flower Festival.

Future Events
St John’s Harvest Festival, Sunday 8th September and Harvest Supper 6th September.  Mr Philip Rees will be taking part in “Ride and Stride” for Warwickshire Historic Churches Trust on Saturday 14th September and Ansley Village Art Group will hold their Art Exhibition and Sale in the Village Hall on Saturday 21st September.
Prayer Requests
If you would like someone or a particular situation remembered in prayer at our Sunday Services, both at St. Laurence’s and at St. John’s, please hand the slip below to a member of the church congregation or contact a warden.  Phone numbers are on the front cover of this magazine.  Please remember that a visit can be arranged to anyone who is sick, but the wardens do need to know, so again please ring.

Please pray for ……………………………who is………………....................................

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2019 Flower Festival Report

 The hot sun shone and many people came to our festival this year, with the theme of “Rest”.  ...


Personal Profile
Rev. John Langlands

 It is with great pleasure that I would like to welcome you to St Laurence.  Frances, my wife, and I have received a very warm welcome ourselves, so you will not be disappointed when you visit St Laurence.  I am also the Curate of the other churches in Ansley and Arley – St John’s, St Michael’s and St Wilfrid’s.

Being in a rural and farming area in the north part of Coventry Diocese is like coming home for us.  A number of years ago I pastored a church in rural Norfolk which was mainly surrounded by arable farms with some pigs and chickens.  The strong sense of community life was something very special.  This should be particularly valued in these days when many folk live such individual, separate and often lonely lives. 

We have just had hot off the press a visiting card which I hope reflects what our church stands for: ‘You will not walk alone.  Together we are with you on life’s journey’.  Over these next weeks, months and years, I hope we can get to know you better and that you will find Frances and myself not just ‘churchy’ people but friends as well, who enjoy life and plenty of laughter!