June Magazine

28 May 19

St Laurence’s Church, Ansley Services

Sunday   2nd    Easter 7 10.30 a.m.  Ordinary Time Screen
6.30 p.m. Holy Communion
Sunday  9th Pentecost 10.30 a.m. Morning Worship
6.30 p.m. Evensong
Sunday  16th Trinity 10.30 a.m. Holy Communion
6.30 p.m. Holy Communion
Sunday  23rd Trinity 1 10.30 a.m. Holy Communion
6.30 p.m. Evensong
Sunday 30th Trinity 2   10.30 a.m.   Holy Communion 
6.30 p.m. Songs of Praise

St John’s Church Hall, Ansley Common Services
Sunday    2nd  Easter 7            10.30 a.m.   Family Service 
Sunday    9th  Pentecost          10.30 a.m.   Holy Communion  
Sunday  16th  Trinity               10.30 a.m.    Family Service     
Sunday  23rd  Trinity 1            10.30 a.m.    Holy Communion
Sunday  30th Trinity 2             10.30 a.m.    Family Service
From the Registers
The baptism took place on Sunday 28th April of Cleo Elizabeth Green, daughter of Wesley and Alex. Family and friends welcomed Cloe to church.

Very early on Easter morning Martin Griffiths was confirmed in the Cathedral, with his family and friends supporting him. He felt it was a beautiful service and he with the others stood in wonder as the light of the rising sun came though the beautiful baptistery window. They also saw the sunshine glittering on the Knife Angel.

The wedding of Timothy Ward and Jessica Smith took place on May 4th supported by many family and friends. We wish them every happiness in their married life together.

One Year On
It is now one year since our Vicar joined us officially Curate in Charge. It is now time for a full review so that things can move forward. As part of this process it is necessary for an evaluation on the first year to be undertaken.

To this end, from the 19th May a short questionnaire was handed to those present at the Sunday services. There was also space for comments. These anonymous answers needed to be returned by 2nd June and put in a sealed box, one at St. John’s and another at St. Laurence. These questionnaires are now being assessed by John and the Archdeacon, The Venerable Sue Field. 

On 10th June members of the congregations in the whole Benefice are invited to meet with the Archdeacon and John to discuss ideas and plans for the future. You do not have to be a member of the PCC to come, this meeting it is open to all those who attend church.
The venue of this very special meeting has yet to be arranged, but will be announced as soon as possible.

Marie’s Coffee Morning
This year Marie will be holding her annual coffee morning on Wednesday 12th June commencing at 10 a.m. As in previous years there will be plenty of lovely cakes and savoury things to eat. There will also be plenty of tea and coffee available.
It will take its usual format with a bring and buy and a raffle. Hopefully the weather will, as most years, be kind and let us sit in the garden with the abundance of flowers around.
If you need transport to 28 Nuthurst Crescent from Ansley Common please do let it be known and it will be arranged.
As usual the proceeds will be for Childline.

Prayer meeting at the Annexe, 
The next prayer meeting will be at 2.00 p.m. on Tuesday 25th. Apologies for putting the wrong date in the May magazine which should have been the 28th (but the day was right).

St. John’s Bingo
The next bingo session in St. John’s Church Hall is on Monday 17th commencing as usual at 7 p.m. We are always grateful to those who organise this, buying the prizes and setting things up as well as clearing away afterwards. Everyone is most welcome.

Each year the Church wardens and deputies attend a special important service for all wardens. It is at this service on Wednesday 19th that they will be given their charge from the Archdeacon and declare that they will undertake their duties to the best of their ability for the coming year. This is the official day when they take office for the year.  This year the wardens will be going to St Christopher’s Allesley Park and Whoberley which is the vicar’s former church and he hopes to attend to support the wardens and hopefully meet up with old friends. This service is open to anyone, but do please let a warden know so that a place can be arranged. Do please remember the wardens in your prayers as they take on their responsibilities for the coming year. 

Eagles After School Club at St John’s Hall
The next meeting will be on 20th June at 3.45 p.m.  This date is a week earlier than the normal pattern because the following week is the school holiday.   Children are invited to come along to have fun and join in a range of activities.

Open Church
St Laurence church will be open on Sundays from 12.00 noon to 6.00 p.m. throughout the summer. Do please feel free to go in at any time for prayer, quiet time or just to look. 

Dog Mess
It has been noticed that recently there has been dog mess in the churchyard. We have put up notices and we hope that this will now cease. However we do ask that dogs are kept under control and owners clear up after them especially in the churchyard. 
It is not nice to find this at the best of times, but on the grave of a loved one is most upsetting.

Churchyard Fund
It has to be reported that the Churchyard Fund has not been receiving the usual amount of income, partly fewer donations and also reduced income from fees. To enable us to maintain the churchyard as tidily as we can the finance is required. It costs over £4,000 a year just to cut the grass. To this has to be added the other maintenance costs that are incurred. If you feel you can help with the ongoing costs to keep the churchyard as a place of tranquillity and remembrance for all, please do so. You could, if you wish, sponsor a cut for a particular month. If you wish to contribute please contact one of the PCC members or someone via one of the numbers on the front cover or the website.

Cycle ride
On Sunday 12th May as it was not possible to have the morning service in St Laurence because of the many road closures for the Velo Birmingham cycle ride with 17,000 participants. Those members of the congregation who were able to get out of their homes were warmly welcomed to St. John’s and were able to join in with their worship.

Did you know that in church and at the Public Record Office in Priory Park, Cape Road, Warwick is a copy of most of our magazines from when it was first printed in 1893 up until now? 
However there are missing the centre pages of the following
October 1983
All months of 1992
Also there is no copy of the February 1985 issue.
If you have any of these we would be grateful if we could borrow them so that they can be copied and then returned. 
It will be good to have a complete record of all the magazines.

Prayer Requests
If you would like someone or a particular situation remembered in prayer at our Sunday Services, both at St. Laurence’s and at St. John’s, please hand the slip below to a member of the church congregation or contact a warden.  Phone numbers are on the front cover of this magazine.  Please remember that a visit can be arranged to anyone who is sick, but the wardens do need to know, so again please ring.

Please pray for ……………………………who is………………....................................

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Flower Festival August 2019

Over the 55 years that this festival has been held in St Laurence’s Church Ansley, it has never ceased to amaze that for each year, and in good time, a theme is sent. (an answer to prayer!). For 2019 the theme is “Rest”.For those doing th...


Personal Profile
Rev. John Langlands

 It is with great pleasure that I would like to welcome you to St Laurence.  Frances, my wife, and I have received a very warm welcome ourselves, so you will not be disappointed when you visit St Laurence.  I am also the Curate of the other churches in Ansley and Arley – St John’s, St Michael’s and St Wilfrid’s.

Being in a rural and farming area in the north part of Coventry Diocese is like coming home for us.  A number of years ago I pastored a church in rural Norfolk which was mainly surrounded by arable farms with some pigs and chickens.  The strong sense of community life was something very special.  This should be particularly valued in these days when many folk live such individual, separate and often lonely lives. 

We have just had hot off the press a visiting card which I hope reflects what our church stands for: ‘You will not walk alone.  Together we are with you on life’s journey’.  Over these next weeks, months and years, I hope we can get to know you better and that you will find Frances and myself not just ‘churchy’ people but friends as well, who enjoy life and plenty of laughter!