March Magazine

28 Feb 18

St Laurence’s Church Services
Sunday    4th Lent 3 10.30 a.m.  Lent Screen
  6.30 p.m. Holy Communion
Sunday  11th Mothering10.30 a.m. Holy Communion
  6.30 p.m. Evensong
Sunday  18th Passion 10.30 a.m. Holy Communion
  6.30 p.m. Holy Communion
Sunday  25th Palm 10.30 a.m. Special Service
    6.30 p.m. Evensong
St John’s Church Hall Ansley Common Services
Sunday    4th Lent 3      10.30 a.m.    Family Service                                 
Sunday   11th Mothering   10.30 a.m.   Family Service
Sunday   18th Passion     10.30 a.m.    Family Service
Sunday   25th   Palm Sun    10.30 a.m.    Holy Communion

Holy Week
Thursday 29th   Maundy Thurs       7.00 p.m.          At St John’s Details below.
Friday 30th        Good Friday    12.00 to 5.00 p.m.  At St Laurence’s Details below.

Please Note
During the interregnum it may be necessary to change the pattern of services from time to time at fairly short notice.  This would be to enable visiting clergy to hold a communion service. 

From the Registers
The funeral of John Sturgess took place on Friday 16th February.  He was born in Ridge Lane, lived at Ansley Hall Cottages, enjoyed sports, especially tennis and football.  He worked at Ansley Hall Colliery.  He met his wife, Kate, in 1952, married her in 1955 and moved to Weddington.  They had two daughters.  The family moved to Ansley Common in 1970, living opposite John’s parents, until their deaths.  The family donated a silver pyx to St John’s, which is used regularly at Communion services.  
John moved to Eastbourne, working as Head of Caretaking at Eastbourne School and Colleges.  He spent his retirement years with his family in Eastbourne, until his death at the age of 85.  John had two grand children and two great grand children.  They and all his family will miss him greatly.

Lent Course
The Lent course, “On the Third Day,” continues at the annexe, St Laurence’s, Ansley.  This course is open to all within the local parishes.  Come along to study God’s word at this special time of the year.  You are very welcome whether you enjoy joining in discussions or prefer to listen and reflect privately on what you hear.  If you cannot attend each Thursday, come along when you can, or ask Margaret Antill for a booklet for personal study at a time and place to suit you.   The final meeting at the Annexe will be on Thursday 22nd March.

Lent giving
The retiring collection plate will be at the cross aisles to collect towards providing clean water wells for the people of Kaduna in Nigeria.

Women’s World Day of Prayer 2018
You are warmly invited to a Women’s World Day of Prayer service at St Laurence’s Church on Friday 2nd March at 10.30 a.m.  The service this year has been prepared by the women of Suriname and has the title, “All God’s Creation is very good.”  Everyone is welcome to attend and refreshments will be available after the service.
Holy Week and Easter 2018
Palm Sunday 25th March
The congregation at St Laurence’s will meet in the Annexe for the start of the Palm Sunday service and then progress to the church.

Maundy Thursday, 29th March
You are all invited to St John’s Hall at 7.00 p.m. to join in remembering this special day. A meal of bread and wine will be shared to mark the Last Supper, when Jesus and his disciples met to celebrate the Jewish festival of Passover.

Good Friday, 30th March
There is a different arrangement for Good Friday at St Laurence’s this year.  The church will be open from 12.00 to 5.00 p.m.  You are warmly invited to come along when you wish during this time and to stay for a while, as suits you.  Suggestions for Bible readings, meditation and prayer will be available, or you may wish to rest in the peace of the church with your own reflections.  

Holy Saturday 31st March
Do come along from 9.00 a.m. to help decorate the church for Easter Day.  The church will need to be cleaned after the flowers are in place, so hopefully, you will find a job to do, whether arranging flowers or helping to dust!   It is lovely to see the church bright with flowers and “spick and span” for Easter Sunday. 

Easter Flowers
Any donations towards the cost of flowers to decorate the church for Easter will be very much appreciated.

Easter Sunday 1st April
There will be services of Holy Communion at St Laurence’s and St John’s, both at 10.30 a.m.  Evensong will be held at St Laurence’s at 6,30 p.m.  You are very welcome to join us in worship on this special day. 

St John’s February Social
A singer/entertainer was booked for an evening of music from the Fifties and Sixties.  The audience thoroughly enjoyed the evening, taking part in some community singing and dancing to the music.  A sign of the evening’s great success is that the same entertainer has been booked for their Christmas 2018 Social.  £100 was raised for Hall Funds. 

Memorial Service
This service provided a special opportunity to remember loved ones with grateful hearts.    Thank you to all who gave towards the ongoing maintenance of the churchyard.    
A sum of £62.80 from this collection has been placed in the churchyard account.

Donation to St John’s
An anonymous donation of £500 has been given to St John’s.  All the people there would like to express their gratitude for this generous gift.

From the PCC
The 2017 accounts have now been audited and will be discussed fully by the PCC once they have been returned.  
The expenditure exceeded income in the general account by £2,000.  The most marked reductions were from collections at services, funeral and wedding fees and also a lack of bequests to the general account.  The December income was considerably less than in 2016, partly due to the bad weather, as some services were cancelled and one day of the Christmas Tree Festival was also badly affected by the heavy snowfall.  The pattern of services over Christmas was different because of the calendar last year.  The usual Sunday Services did not take place because of Christmas Day falling on the Monday.  
Our total expenditure was also lower.  This was mainly due to a reduction in our Parish Share figure, because there were more weddings and funerals in 2016. The fees from these services are sent to the Diocese and a proportion of them deducted from the next year’s Parish Share.  The electricity bill, which includes the heating costs, continues, unsurprisingly, to increase!
The Churchyard account incurred some additional cost for work carried out on the trees. It should be noted that we have just received permission from the Archdeacon to carry out more work on the eight lime trees to remove the dead wood and other growth from the crown area. This is specialist work and at a height so will have to be paid for.
In 2017 no work was done on St Laurence’s Church building, so the fabric fund showed a surplus. However we did have the quinquennial survey and have now received permission to have some repairs carried out on the ground gutters and the aisle quarry tiles. Our architect is now asking for quotes to carry out this necessary work when the better weather comes.  It is important that we keep the damp out of the church foundations and also that there are no trip hazards in the aisles.

The churchwardens and PCC would like to thank everyone from the community who gave support in some way to the church during 2017.  There are so many of you!

Prayer Requests
If you would like someone or a particular situation remembered in prayer at our Sunday Services, both at St. Laurence’s and at St. John’s, please hand the slip below to a member of the church congregation or contact a warden.  Phone numbers are on the front page of this magazine.  Please remember that a visit can be arranged to anyone who is sick, but the wardens do need to know, so again please ring.

Please pray for ……………………who is………....................

Please donate
A new Minister

We are now able to announce that the Rev. John Langlands will be joining us on the 3rd June 2018 details of arrangements will follow in due course. John's message is below Rev’d John & Frances Langlands For the past 9 years we...


Personal Profile
Peter Allan

As from 5th June 2016  Rev. Peter Allan has retired. However the life of the church will continue, although there may be a few changes.  If you want to contact the church please do so via the web link or email. Alternatively please telephone one of the church wardens Margaret Antill 01827 874520 or Moreen Freestone 024 7638 1833  one of the deputies Diana Kealey 024 7639 5089 or Margaret Oliver 01455 822822 all will be happy to help in any way they can.