May Magazine

28 Apr 17

St Laurence’s Church Services 

Sunday   7th Easter 4  10.30 a.m. Easter Screen

  6.30 p.m. Holy Communion

Sunday  14th Easter 5  10.30 a.m. Holy Communion

  6.30 p.m. Evensong

Sunday  21st Easter 6  10.30 a.m. Easter Screen

  6.30 p.m. Holy Communion

Thurs   25th Ascension Day   7.30 p.m. Special Service

Sunday  28th After Ascension   10.30 a.m.    Holy Communion

  6.30 p.m. Evensong

St John’s Church Hall Ansley Common Services

Sunday   7th Easter 4                10.30 a.m.     Family Service

Sunday  14th Easter 5                10.30 a.m. Holy Communion

Sunday  21st Easter 6                10.30 a.m.      Family Service

Sunday  28th After Ascension     10.30 a.m. Holy Communion

Please Note

During the interregnum it may be necessary to change the pattern of services from time to time at fairly short notice.  This would be to enable visiting clergy to hold a communion service. 

From the Registers


Rosie May Ryan celebrated her Baptism on the 5th March 2017, supported by her parents, Andrew and Emma, her Godparents, family and friends.

On the same day, Charlotte Eliza Aspley also celebrated her baptism, supported by her parents, Christopher and Zoe, her Godparents, family and friends.

These two baptism services were conducted by the Revd. Rick White.

Darcie Law Pickles celebrated her Baptism on the 9th April 2017, supported by her parents, Ryan and Cloey, her Godparents, family and friends.

This Baptism service was conducted by the Revd. Greg Bartlem.

We ask God’s blessing on Rosie, Charlotte and Darcie as they set out on the path of faith, with their parents and Godparents to encourage and support them.


Lily Plowman and Martin Cox tied the knot on Saturday 25th March.  We enjoyed worshipping by singing “All things bright and beautiful,” “Give me joy in my heart” and “I danced in the morning.”  The weather held, which enabled photos to be taken outside.  The couple looked happy and radiant on their special day.  

The Revd. Heather Barnes 

 We wish Martin and Lily every happiness in the years ahead. 


The funeral service for Mrs Irene May Barnett, aged 83, on Friday 12th March was one of celebration and thanksgiving.  Irene, known simply to those closest to her as “I”, grew up in Galley Common.  She worked at Listers in Nuneaton, where she met Ray, her husband.  They had two children, Raymond and Tina.  Irene was also a loving grandmother and great grandmother.  She was known as a real character and was full of life.  She will be sadly missed, especially by her husband, Ray.

 The Revd. Heather Barnes 

Ascension Day

Parishioners from Old and New Arley, Ansley Village, Birchley Heath and Ansley Common are invited to a joint benefice service at St Laurence’s on Thursday 25th May at 7.30 p.m.  to mark this special day in the church calendar.  Mervyn Roberts will be leading the service as we remember Jesus ascending to heaven on the fortieth day of Easter.

Update on new vicar appointment process

The Parish Profile has now been accepted at Coventry.  Two people will have been appointed by the PCC at the meeting on 27th April.  They will represent Ansley during the next stage of the process.  Once Coventry receives these names, the next step will be for the Diocese to advertise the position.  So progress is being made, although more slowly than we might wish. 

St John’s Bingo

The next Bingo evening at St John’s is on Monday 8th May at 7.00 p.m.  You will be warmly welcomed to this regular social event.

Bequest from Mrs Mary Buckler

It is with very grateful hearts that the PCC members can announce that the church has received a wonderful bequest from the late Mrs Mary Buckler, specifically for work in the church yard, amounting to £30,000.

Mary grew up in Ansley and her father was Ernest Mander, church warden here for 

50 years.  She moved away when she married her husband, the Revd. Canon 

Peter Buckler, but she always came back as often as possible.  Once they had retired and returned to the local area, they worshipped with us most Sundays.  Mary continued to come after Peter’s death until ill heath prevented her from doing so.

As everyone is aware the maintenance of the churchyard is an ongoing process – the grass and trees keep growing, and, of late, the moles have taken a liking to tunnelling through the church yard as well. 

Most years, with the fees from burials and memorials and, with the generous donations of a few people, the churchyard fund pays for the grass cutting.  This amounted to £4760 in 2016.  It should be noted that the contractor has not increased his prices for some years now. 

However, the maintenance of the trees is now an expense that in past years was not an issue. The 48 trees have to be regularly inspected and a written report obtained from an arboreal expert, as directed by our insurers, and this is costly.  The work that was required from our last report that could not be done on a voluntary basis 

cost £600 in January this year. It should also be noted that the lime trees will need to be inspected in November this year.  Some of you will be aware that the lime trees have over the years been pollarded and may have to be done again. This is specialist work and therefore can be costly. 

At some point in the future there will also have to be some repairs done to the paths, 

drains and boundaries, all of which are expected to cost significant amounts. 

The PCC decided to put this money in a separate deposit account to be known as 

the Buckler Churchyard Bequest Account.  This will enable the expenditure from this account to be easily scrutinised. 

Everyone is extremely grateful for this wonderful bequest and we offer our thanks to 

God, remembering Mary and Peter with affection and appreciation.

St John’s Easter Bonnet Social

This enjoyable and much appreciated evening raised £100.

Easter 2017

The church was beautifully decorated for the services on Easter Sunday.  Thank you to everyone who donated money for flowers and/or who helped to decorate and clean the church.  It was lovely to see the fresh flowers in the church yard too, now that Spring is here.

Lent Collection 2017

The PCC decided to support the provision of clean water wells for Kaduna Province in Nigeria as the charity appeal for Lent this year.

A sum of £173.50 was donated to this good cause, from the collection plate in church and from the Parish Meal donations.

Archdeacon Visitations

During May the Archdeacons visit the deaneries to “swear in” the churchwardens and their assistant churchwardens.  Unfortunately this year our churchwardens will be at different services because of other commitments.  Members of the congregation are welcome to attend the services in support of their churchwardens.  Please let us know if you would like to be there.  The churchwardens would appreciate your prayers as they commit to their task for the coming year. 

Thy Kingdom Come

The Archbishops of Canterbury and York invite us to pray between Ascension and Pentecost for the coming of the Holy Spirit.  To find out more, visit


Prayer Requests

If you would like someone or a particular situation remembered in prayer at our Sunday Services, both at St. Laurence’s and at St. John’s, please hand the slip below to a member of the church congregation or contact a warden.  Phone numbers are on the front page of this magazine.  Please remember that a visit can be arranged to anyone who is sick, but the wardens do need to know, so again please ring.

Please pray for …………………………………who is ………………..................................

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A New Vicar

Update on new vicar appointment process - The position was advertised, but unfortunately there were no applicants. The PCCs of Arley and Ansley will shortly be meeting with the Archdeacon to find a way forward. ...


Personal Profile
Peter Allan

As from 5th June 2016  Rev. Peter Allan has retired. However the life of the church will continue, although there may be a few changes.  If you want to contact the church please do so via the web link or email. Alternatively please telephone one of the church wardens Margaret Antill 01827 874520 or Moreen Freestone 024 7638 1833  one of the deputies Diana Kealey 024 7639 5089 or Margaret Oliver 024 7639 5674 all will be happy to help in any way they can.