Marie’s November Article

November must be one of the least favourite months.  The days are shortening, nights are chilly and it gets dark early.  However, it is also a month of remembering.  The first day is All Saints Day; then November 5th – Bonfire Night and on November 11th we have Remembrance Day.  Finally, November 30th is St. Andrew’s Day when the Scottish people celebrate their Patron Saint, so perhaps November is not all doom and gloom.

We have all received bags from various charities asking for clothes etc.  To me they are a good excuse to clear out unwanted items.  The last bag I filled included 5 pairs of shoes.  I felt quite sad letting them go but as I’ve got older I can only wear flatter shoes. 

When I was at school the girls in our year all had Autograph Books (I’ve still got mine) and when we were about to leave school we got as many teachers and fellow pupils to sign our  book as we could.  Lots of girls, especially, put quaint little poems by their name and I sometimes get my book out and try to put a face to who signed.

When I hear of people spending huge amounts of money on their teeth, I remember my mother who had awful teeth and couldn’t afford any treatment until the NHS started.  However, we all knew never to grumble about toothache to my Dad as he would tie a piece of string round the offending tooth, tie it to the door handle, shut the door and the offending tooth would be yanked out.  What a terrible solution!

Have you ever longed one day to put the News on and it conveys only good news. There have been times like this in the past e.g. when Alexander Fleming invented Penicillin.  Then there was peace declared after the World Wars.  Also in recent years the news of the vaccine for Covid but unfortunately the news now covers the whole world and there is always bad news somewhere.  However, life is too short, so we should do as the song says, “Always look on the bright side of life.”

Marie Cove