Marie’s November Aricle

When I first saw ‘Concorde’, I said that one of my aims was to fly in it.  At the time I had never been  in an aeroplane and it would have been too expensive for me to afford it.  It’s first flight was on 26th September 1973 but after flying for 27 years it was retired after falling passenger numbers and a tragic accident in 2000.  Well, we can all have our dreams.

I was amazed to see during a news item in Australia that in the background was a Woolworth store.  I never thought I would see this again.

We have all heard of Isaac Newton and the falling apple due to gravity, but few of us knew about the part Edmond Halley played by urging Newton through his theories, correcting his mathematical mistakes and formulating geometric figures to support his discovery.  It was Halley who persuaded Newton to publish his famous book and he edited the publication and paid for it to be printed, even though Newton could well afford it.  Historians have called Halley‘s situation as one of the most selfless actions in science…  However, Halley did leave a lasting legacy of his own as he forecast the orbit and return of a comet which bears his name – Halley’s Comet, which returns every 76 years.  What a truly unselfish man Halley was!

What is a typical English November weather, a mystery I would say.                 We can have a year of weather in a single Day,   But come what may, come rain or shine, English weather to me is always fine.

Marie Cove