Marie’s December Article

December 2023 

It was strange to look out of the window in November and see so many flowers still blooming, even Roses, but the birds know what time of year it is as Blue Tits and the Robin are frequenting the garden.

We of a certain age all remember the Blackpool illuminations and many of us have marvelled at the sight but I didn’t know how long these had been going.  They were switched on for the first time on the 19th September 1879, when Blackpool Council devoted £5,000 to experiment with lighting along the promenade.  Eight carbon arc lamps spaced 320 yards apart emitted the equivalent of 48,000 candles.  The illuminations now consist of more than one million bulbs stretching 6 miles along the coast.                                               

I was thinking of how technology has changed out lives.  When I was a young mother most houses had Yale locks and if you pulled the door shut and forgot your key, then you were locked out.  The girl next door to me did just that a few times.  She started to leave a small upstairs window open.  The only trouble was she was afraid of heights, so I had to go up the ladder, open the window then go downstairs and open the door.  Nowadays most doors have locks which are locked from the outside, so you have the key with you.

Oliver Goldsmith once said, “I love everything old, old friends, old times, old wine.” However even at my age I don’t  agree with him, as although I do like some old things, I also like new – starting a new journal, a new packet of biscuits, a new tablet of soap, the list is endless.

Christmas comes but once a year, but when it does, it brings us cheer.          Children’s laughter, old people’s pride, as they see their families and share the joy.  The old repeats on T.V., which everyone moans about but they still watch for the umpteenth time.  It’s all part of Christmas every year.       

 Wishing everyone a Happy, Healthy Christmas and a Peaceful New Year,                               

Marie Cove.