Marie’s August Article

I wrote last month about people who seemed very ordinary but in earlier life had extraordinary lives.  My son asked me if I knew what Cyril Pickets’ dad had done for a job. Cyril was a real character from Ansley Village.  Of course I hadn’t a clue about his Dad but was advised he was a human alarm clock – in other words a ‘knocker upper’.  He had a long pole and knocked on people’s bedroom windows early morning.  I presume he had regular customers because everyone wouldn’t have wanted to be woken up so early.

There is a saying, “You can’t be a rebel and go to church.”  After all church is for conformists – for people who want to go along with the flock.  However,  what about Alice Cooper, who was and still is famed for his shock-rock stage act?  He is, however, a Christian and a regular church-goer.  People think it’s ironic that Alice Cooper, this rock and roll rebel, is a Christian.  When asked about this he said it was the most rebellious thing he’s ever done.  He said, “Drinking beer is easy; trashing your hotel room is easy but being a Christian that’s a tough call. That’s real rebellion.”          

Someone was asking various people what was their favourite place.  One man said it was Glastonbury but despite seeing some of Spain, Italy, Scotland and Wales, I can honestly say my favourite place is Nuthurst Crescent, sitting in my comfortable old armchair, or sitting in the garden smelling the Roses.    There are some wonderful places in the world but I never felt at home until I returned.       

 My house is small, no mansion for a millionaire but there’s room for love and there’s room for friends.  That’s all I care.

Marie Cove.                                                        

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