Marie’s August Article

When we were young my sisters and I were lucky to have a Dad and mother who were expert gardeners.  They knew the names of wild and cultivated flowers; when they flowered and how to look after them.  We have decided this year to buy very few bedding plants but to buy perennials, such as Snapdragons, Lupins, Foxgloves etc.  I remembered how we as children would press the bottom of the Snapdragon flower and it would open up just like a snapping dragon.

I tried to persuade my great granddaughter to pick some Lavender and Rose petals from my garden and make some perfume but she didn’t like the idea, whereas my daughter loved making perfume.  Some of it smelled awfu, but it was enjoyable making it.

There was an “expert” on farming and the planet.  He said there should be no cows, sheep, pigs, goats, etc. because they add to global warming.  I  imagine it would be a sad world to see empty fields, or see them covered in solar panels.  It is one of the pleasures of life when Spring unfolds and we see the lambs gambolling in the fields.  Anyway without  cows where would we get milk from?

In July 1439 during the Bubonic Plague,  King Henry V1 made the decision to ban kissing.  This was an attempt to stop the spread of the disease by preventing people greeting each other with a kiss  However, this was very hard to police.  Does this remind you of our restrictions during Covid?

The following was taken from a church magazine as a thought to start off the year but it is a positive way to start off every new day –

“Be cheery, not dreary. 

Be happy, not sad. 

Be carefree, despair free.

Begin now – be glad.”

Marie Cove.