Our Buildings

Ansley Church has four buildings. The ancient Church of St Laurence at Church End First built in the mists and time and with many alterations and interesting features added over the centauries. Set in a rural landscape and the 2 1/2 acre churchyard it is “A place where people can come and find great solace.” … Read more

February 2021

Please see below an update on church services for February 2021 (As at 25th January 2021) Public worship has been suspended in the Benefice during the month of February.  This decision was circulated online or by post towards the end of January. The church web page www.ansleychurch.org will have the latest information in the news … Read more

January 2021 Magazine

Please see below an update on church services for January 2021 (As at 23rd December 2020)  Planned January Services          3rd January      Christmas 2    Joint Benefice at St Wilfrid’s    10.30am        10th January       Epiphany 1    Joint Benefice at St Laurence  10.30am        17th January       Epiphany 2    Joint Benefice at St Wilfrid’s    10.30am        24th January       Epiphany 3    Joint Benefice at … Read more

Flower Festival 2021 Report

Over the many years we have always been aware of God’s guidance during our Flower Festivals. This has been especially true this year. There have been so many uncertainties- Would it been permitted? Would people come? Yes it was allowed and yes people did come. Well over 500 people visited the church over the weekend. This … Read more