Interim Christmas Tree Festival Report 2023

This is a short report on the Christmas Tree Festival after the first two weekend.


More than anything the weather has had an impact on this year’s festival.

On Monday 27th when the trees were due to arrive it pour with rain. We had managed to get as much as possible ready in the previous week. That morning team set too getting the sand filled buckets ready in church, unfortunately the delivery was delayed. An early start on a cold but dry Tuesday ensured that the lovely trees were not dripping wet and were in place in good a condition in reasonable time.

Work getting the other displays in situ commenced and time was soon caught up.

There was great fun had by many when they came and decorated their tree, and by Friday evening all was ready.

The festival started slowly, not helped by the very icy conditions on the Saturday and fog and rain on the Sunday.

Those that braved the conditions were impressed by what they saw.

On Friday 8th we had the concert of traditional English Music by Jess & Richard Arrowsmith with Jo Maher There was a good number in the audience and everyone had a good time participating in the carols and songs that they knew.

By the 9th the weather was bright and we have a constant steady stream of visitors and some very encouraging feedback.