Christmas Tree Festival 2021 Report

A member of the congregation wrote a poem for the Carol Service which finished the Christmas Tree Festival. This so sums up this year’s event.


Oh what a terrible year we’ve just had

And perhaps next year won’t be quite so bad

With prophets of doom saying covid is here

Don’t procrastinate, vaccinate and so there’s no fear.

Salvation Army Tree
Salvation Army Tree

Our lives might have changed, of that we’re quite sure

But life must go on although there’s no cure,

And now it’s near Christmas when good friends may call

When Mary’s babe Jesus came down for us all.

A time for humility, caring and love

In the way of our Lord who came from above.

Lets reach out to others it isn’t so hard.

Perhaps with a visit, a letter or card.

A Tree For Natalie

I know he’s beside me as I walk through each day.

No need to worry all I do is just pray.

Lets enjoy this Christmas with its trees and its lights

With carols good food and cool starry nights.

Bouquet of Flowers

Remember the story of Jesus Christ’s birth

A true son of God came to bring peace on earth.

Spring round the corner will bring warmth and new life,

With peace and joy and good health and less strife.

Fruit Tree

Let us journey through faith in a life that’s worth living

Helping less fortunate with love, care and giving.

May God bless us all as we go on our way,

With hope in our hearts for another good day.

RWT December 2021

Christmas in the 50s

With God’s good grace we have had a wonderful festival, every effort was made to keep people safe and follow the Government changing guidelines applicable during the festival.

So many people were pleased that it was taking place and went to an enormous amount of trouble to decorate their respective trees.

Poppy Tree

Unfortunately the concert with Jess Jo & Richard had to be called off as the pandemic worsened.

However the children of Nursery Hill Primary School and ARC School Ansley were able to hold their end of term carol service in the church, although their parents were not able to attend.

Every effort was made to keep people safe, unfortunately it did mean that the numbers in the Annexe had to be reduced and a few people made use of the take-aways that we provided.

Bubble & Squeek

Decorators and visitors alike were so pleased to be able to come back to the church and partake in the festival. This was clearly demonstrated by comments received both verbally and written in the visitor’s book.

By the end of the event a total of £1907 had been raised of which £190.70 has been sent to the Mary Anne Evans Hospice and a further £75.90 given to the churchyard fund from the Remembrance Tree stars.

Thank you to the many people involved in putting this event together, providing support during it and clearing up at the end.

North Aisle