April Ansley Jottings

I very much enjoy noting the signs of Spring in my garden and in the local countryside.  The first colourful flowers have followed the crocuses and snowdrops.  Primroses, violas, pulmonaria and camellias are a joy to see and I always watch out for the froth of white blossom on blackthorn trees.  I even appreciate the cheerful yellow celandines, though I promise myself I will remove these weeds once I and the insects have enjoyed their flowers for a while.  If not my garden would soon be completely covered with them!

The days before the first Easter were difficult ones for Jesus.  His disciples didn’t understand what he was trying to tell them about his death and resurrection, one of them would betray him to the authorities and another would deny he knew him at all.  Jesus suffered violence and humiliation before his brutal crucifixion.

The dawning realisation that Jesus had risen from the dead brought a remarkable change in the disciples.  From cowed, frightened men they became confident and bold in sharing the news of what they had experienced.

In a world where violence, injustice and humiliation are all too common -in our own country as well as Ukraine and other areas- there is a greater need than ever for hope, peace and justice.  May we each do what we can to make the world a happier place and to support those who give aid at great risk to their own safety to people in need.



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