Ansley Jottings August 22

Since last month I have spent a week with some family members in Scotland.  Unfortunately three days after arriving at the holiday cottage I tested positive for Covid.  Despite trying to isolate myself I passed it on to my companions.  Fortunately the others had cold like symptoms as I did, so we were able to enjoy the time we spent together.  It was a shame though that we could not visit more of the spectacular scenery around Beauly.  It brought home to me how dependant we all are on the success of the Covid vaccines to allow us to enjoy a more normal lifestyle this summer.

The other week I heard a second verse to Happy Birthday when it was sung at St John’s to celebrate a special birthday.  It went,

“Happy birthday to you, to Jesus be true.

May all of God’s blessings be poured out on you.”

I was also given a prayer and a short verse from Margaret C. to share with you,

Bless my little kitchen Lord

And those who enter in.

May they find naught but joy and peace

And happiness therein.  Amen.

Our house is small

No mansion for a millionaire

But there is room for love

And there is room for friends

That’s all I care.

Your churchwardens and their assistants are required to be commissioned into their office each year at a special service.  As officers of the Bishop and members of the PCC, they are charged with cooperating with the incumbent and leading the laity in the promotion of the mission and ministry of the church.  They are responsible for church property and report annually to the Bishop and the PCC.  They are also asked to maintain order and decency in church, especially during public worship.  (I don’t think the latter has been an issue in recent years!)

Your churchwardens and their assistants appreciate your support and ask for your prayers as the interregnum continues.