1st Report Christmas Tree Festival 2022

Christmas Tree Festival 2022

Two of the early entries in our visitor’s book:

“Amazing – Hard Work & Brilliant Thought in All”

“Stunning display of trees, Thank you for a lovely experience!”

This is a short report of the Christmas Tree Festival after just one weekend.

It has been good to have the first ‘normal’ festival since 2019 For the first time in all the festival’s every tree was taken, and all were able to come and decorate.

The lovely trees arrived on Monday 28th and were all in place by the end of the day. With every tree taken it was extremely busy on Wednesday afternoon with people coming and putting their many decorations on their tree, many of which had been made especially for the event.

Because of a booked holiday two people were unable to decorate their tree for which they had chosen the title of “Peace in Ukraine” fortunately two Ukrainian people staying with one of us stepped in and very appropriately made the decorations in a style from their country which helped and seemed very appropriate in the circumstances

The first weekend saw a very good steady flow of visitors to come and see the trees and many were able to enjoy a warm drink with a cake or mince pie.