Christmas Tree Festival Report 2020

19 Mar 21

For this year, like so many things, our Christmas Tree Festival was very different. We went virtual using photographs of the previous 14 years. It started with a few photos of the setting up of the festivals then Incorporated 60 individual trees and scenes from around the church. Also included were plans for the 2021 festival and a Christmas Blessing. 

The festival went live on the 5th December via the church website and while the festival finished on the 20th the link can still be found on the site. There were over 260 hits on the site. 

Donations were received in various ways from cash on a plate in church cheques in the post and via the £494.12. There will be a donation sent to the Mary Ann Evans Hospice from these funds. 

Getting feedback was more difficult than usual but those people that have mentioned it have all been very appreciative and here are a few that came by email .

“A quote in part of a circular email I hope you enjoy this as much as Ray and I have. (Lots of ideas for decorating your own trees!)”

“I watched the tree festival earlier ~ well done to those involved! I like the way the information pages are done - very clear and well-paced page changes.”

 “The Virtual Tree Festival is super, such a lot of work to put it together but it looks great and hopefully donations will be made.” 

This year the usual concert by Jess & Richard Arrowsmith with Jo Maher also went virtual via Zoom which they did from their kitchen in Sheffield. This was extremely successful with over 170 people linking in and a total of over £1600  being raised Jess Jo & Richard had said that they all the proceeds would be equally divided between Ansley church and a Food Bank in Sheffield  

Thank you to everyone who has helped and supported in this event we are very grateful.

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