Marie's February Article

01 Mar 21

February 2021 

Every year I tell my children and grandchildren not to buy me any presents but they ignore me.  However Christmas 2020 I had some lovely unusual presents.  One in particular was a book and the front cover read, “Dear Grandma from you to me.  ‘A journal of a lifetime.’”  I have to answer all the questions about my life and then give it back to my Granddaughter, Amie. What a lovely idea and I am enjoying filling it in and remembering.

 During the lock-down it is easy to forget what day it is as each day is the same.  We, at St. John’s, have kept in touch with each other but it is not the same as a Service, singing hymns and having a cup of tea or coffee and a chat but as we have the vaccine we can look forward to happier days.

During the past months our garden has been our haven but reading an article about Gertrude Jekyll, a famous garden designer, I didn’t realise she was losing her sight and had to give up painting and embroidery, so she decided to create her pictures by planting flowers.  As her sight grew worse her other senses heightened – she could hear a hedgehog moving in the undergrowth; she could distinguish flowers  by their scent as she brushed past them and identify a tree by the feel of the bark.  She certainly made the best of her abilities to design beautiful gardens.

A little quote- “Learn from yesterday, live for today and hope for tomorrow.” 

Marie Cove.

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