Marie's November Article

27 Nov 20

November, 2020

My Dad used to say, “The Devil makes work for idle hands” and even now this has been instilled in us and I can’t bear to be idle.  So, during lock down I have looked for more and more jobs to do.  One day I cleared out the kitchen drawer and I found 6 silver teaspoons hidden under other spoons, which my brother bought us for a wedding present.  This got me into cleaning out the cupboard where I found a wooden clothes peg and a bag containing hair rollers.  These reminded me of many years ago when our niece Joanne was aspiring to become a hairdresser (which she did) and practising on her Dad.  He forgot the rollers were in his hair and went to the shop.  He never lived it down.

Dave always complains about the number of books I have.  However, lately, as M.P.s and health experts are being interviewed in their own homes, I see in the background they have lots and lots of books, just like me.

Growing old can have sad moments but also some ludicrously funny moments.  My eyes are very bad but the Optician is helping me and I have a date to have my cataracts done.  However, my better half paid to have his eyes tested at home but his spectacles have never been very good.  They keep dropping to pieces and Dave has spent hour after hour trying to put the little screws back in.  I saw the funny side of it as when the screws fell out I couldn’t help him find them – the blind leading the blind and they cost twice as much as mine.

What is typical November weather; a mystery I’d say.

We can have a year of weather in a single day.

But come what may, come rain, come shine

English weather to me is always fine.

Marie Cove.

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