Rev John's October Jottings

28 Oct 20

Rev John’s Jottings - Does Harvest Thanksgiving matter to you? 

Did you know that a recent report in a national newspaper said that this year’s UK harvest is the worst one for 40 years! This means that the price of bread will go up.  On top of this, our nation is contending with all the predictions about Covid-19 and Brexit. 

However bad things may seem to you, as the saying goes, ‘there is always someone worse off than you.’  It’s a phrase that doesn’t really offer much better hope or comfort!  But, pause for a moment and consider this – we have so much to be thankful for.  That is why every year at church we always celebrate a time of Harvest Thanksgiving.  Despite the difficult time the farmers have been having, we will still have a lot more in our food chain than many other countries.  The desire to consume and possess more and more leads to greed and taking so much for granted. As someone once said, ‘There are many people who know the cost of everything and the value of nothing.’ 

Living in a rural area, surrounded by many farms, should help us to appreciate and value where food ultimately starts – in the soil.  Jesus told many stories about farmers and the soil.  Even if you are a non-church goer you will have heard from early years about the farmer whose seed fell in four different types of ground: the roadside, the stony ground, soil where weeds grew up unchecked and finally the good soil.  The ground represents a person’s heart.

First, there is the hard heart, the seed that falls along the roadside. This represents people who hear the Word of God, but never really believe.

Then there is the shallow heart. That is the seed that falls on stony ground. This signifies the people who hear the Word of God and receive it with joy, but because there is no root to sustain them, they wither.
Next, there is the crowded heart. That is the seed that falls on ground where weeds choke out its growth. Slowly and surely, these people, busy with the cares and riches of the world, just lose interest in the things of God.
Finally, there is the fruitful heart that receives the Word. The seed falls on good ground and the plants produce a rich harvest.

Only you can determine what type of ground your heart will be. However, life brings us many experiences and happenings that cause us to change our outlook and understanding of how God can bless us with a richer life, with true value and meaning, and with those things that money cannot buy, such as love, joy and peace.

Why not join us at one of our Harvest Thanksgiving services this October and discover some of the real things that matter! 

Do continue to take care and have a month of peace and blessing. 

Rev John

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