Marie's August Article

28 Aug 20

August, 2020

During our isolation it’s hard to write about interesting occasions when we only see family members as they stand outside.  However, we are here at the end of July eagerly wanting the sun to shine as we are allowed to sit outside with our family.

We don’t realise how we oldies are out of touch with the present world. Then our great grandchildren brought their reports from school to show us.  They were both absolutely great – both were well behaved, polite and popular with pupils and teachers but we didn’t understand the marking.  No subjects as in our day – English, maths, history etc.  In fact it completely flummoxed us.

Something I have noticed lately is how many young men and women hold high power posts in many sections but we shouldn’t be surprised as many famous people started doing amazing things at a very young age – Victor Hugo wrote his first tragedy at age fifteen; Raphael painted his masterpieces before he died age thirty seven; Joan of Arc did all her work and was burned at the stake age nineteen; Alexander the Great had conquered the known world by the time he was twenty three.  The list goes on.  So age is irrelevant – it’s having the skill and taking opportunities.

A teacher asked her class to make drawings for the wall.  She walked round to see how they were getting on when she suddenly stopped.  “What are you drawing, Emma?” she asked.

“I’m drawing God,” she replied.

“But nobody knows what God looks like.” 

Without a pause Emma replied,

“Well, they will in a minute.” 

Marie Cove.

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