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25 Jun 20

June The Church’s Year


Sunday 7th    Trinity       Isaiah 40: 12-17      Matthew 28:16-20 

Sunday 14th   Trinity 1   Exodus 19: 2-8a     Matthew 9:35-10:8

Sunday 21st   Trinity 2 Jeremiah 20: 7-13a   Matthew 10:24-39

Sunday 28th  Trinity 3 Jeremiah 28:5-9       Matthew 10: 40-end

Coronavirus Update 26th  May 2020

Following the issuing of the Government’s COVID-19 Recovery Strategy on Monday 11th May, the House of Bishops of the Church of England met to consider the way forward.  The Church of England’s Response to the Strategy is ongoing.  At this time church buildings remain closed for public worship.  

Keep Worshipping

Daily Hope

During May the Archbishops of Canterbury and York informed the church that a Freephone number had been put in place to offer worship and prayers to support people who cannot access the Internet.  The Daily Hope number is 0800 8048044.  These are the options that can be chosen. 

Press * for the full introduction from the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Press 1 to listen to or sing along to a well known hymn and to hear about the writer.

Press 2 to listen to different daily hymns on a loop.

Press 3 to listen to the Prayer line.

Press 4 for more options. You are then invited to:-

Press 5 to listen to the Church of England weekly service.

Press 6 to listen to a traditional service of Morning or Evening Prayer.

Press 7 to hear the Government’s latest advice.

Press 8 to listen to the Mothers’ Union’s midday Prayers.

Remember that it is free to use these choices. Members of our church have been very positive about this opportunity.  Please circulate the number to others who may find it helpful. 

The Reverend John Langlands continues to send e-mails containing attachments for Sunday worship to those who are on his list in the Parishes of Ansley and Arley.  Although we are unable to meet in person we can still join in this act of worship together.   His services can also be seen on the church website (ansleychurch.org) in the “News” section.

 Other ways of worshipping during this period are given on the new diocesan website https://www.coventry.anglican.org.  This new website is for everyone to access, so please let people know.  Click on “Church Online” for information about T.V., radio and local streamed services.   The website is being updated regularly as new resources are added. 

Thought for the day from Kate Massey 13th May 

(Kate Massey is the Dean of Self Supporting Ministry and a member of the Bishop of Coventry's Core Staff Team.

How shall we sing the Lord's song in a strange land? Psalm 137:4 (KJV)

In this thought for the day, Kate reminds us that that the people of Israel experienced exile from their way of life and worship, as we have too over recent weeks.  She recognises it will be some time before normal life returns.  In the grief of this realisation, her cry echoes that of God’s people in exile: how shall we sing the Lord’s song in a strange land?  How is it possible to be the Church we long to be, the disciples we seek to be, the family or friends we ache to be in these strange circumstances?

Jeremiah wrote to the exiles (Jeremiah 29:4-14) advising them to pray, to trust God’s goodness and to know the situation will not last forever.  May we draw comfort from this. 

From the Registers


During recent weeks, funeral arrangements have been particularly hard hit by restrictions put in place to restrict the spread of Covid-19.  Services could only be held at the graveside or at the crematorium.  In either case the number of people allowed to be present was severely restricted.  At times only the undertakers could be present if nearest relatives were unable to attend. 

The funeral of Gillian Morley was held at Nuneaton Crematorium on Friday 1st May and was conducted by the Reverend R. White, a personal friend of Gill and her husband for some years.  Provision was made for the service to be available to view online.

Gill was happily married to David for almost sixty years.  They had three children, four grandchildren and two great grand children.  Gill’s family was very important to her.  Gill and David, with faith and each other’s support cared tirelessly for their daughter Joanna, who was mentally and physically handicapped from birth.  As the Reverend Stan Marriott said,” Gill bore the sorrow of Joanna’s condition quietly and reflectively,” although inside she really struggled.  Her successful hair dressing business enabled her to meet people regularly while still at home and able to keep an eye on Joanna.  Gill was a very sociable person who loved gatherings.  She felt isolated over the last two years and appreciated visits and phone calls. She will be much missed by all her family and by her many friends. 

The funeral of John Berridge took place at Nuneaton Crematorium on 14th May.  Because of the lockdown his next of kin were unable to attend.  John was one of the first members of the Junior Choir at St Laurence, founded by the Reverend E. Jarvis (vicar 1957-1964).  John had lived all his life in Ansley Parish, firstly at Charity Farm where he worked with his father for many years.  Later he moved to the village.  Latterly he worked for British Car Auction at Measham, driving a great variety of cars.  He had suffered poor health for quite a few years and died peacefully in his nursing home on 25th April.  We extend our condolences to his family and friends.

From the PCC


Because of the continuing lockdown, which has resulted in no services taking place in the church buildings, the finances will look very different this year. For your information a summary of the church’s current position is included below.   As with all budgets a certain amount of estimation is involved in preparing this report. 

General account

We are very grateful to everyone who has been sending collection sums via standing order or BACS.  This will help us to pay regular bills as they arrive.

The insurance bill will be due at the end of June and will probably be around £3,600 for St Laurence Church and the Annexe.  As things stand, the PCC should be able to meet their usual running costs this year.  It is not certain at the moment how much of the parish share (£20,600) payment for the year can be met.  This is the annual sum paid to the Diocese for the costs of clergy, clergy training etc.  There will also be an impact on donations made to charities during the year, especially from events like the Flower Festival.

If you give regularly using the Gift Aid envelopes and have access to online banking, you may wish to use a standing order or BACS to keep your donations up to date.  Please contact Margaret Antill for details. 

Churchyard Account

This account always seems to be on a knife edge but fortunately generous donations plus burial and interment fees usually just about meet the mowing costs.  We hope and pray it will be the same again this year. 

Fabric Fund

This fund is used just for work on the fabric of the church. This work is only commissioned when funds are available.  Before the lockdown the PCC had agreed to repair further sections of the ground gutters, which will cost £5,670.  It is hoped that the contractor will be able to start once the Government and the Diocese agree that this necessary work may commence.  Repairs to the fabric are always needed to keep the building in good order but have to be prioritised then done when funds are available. 

St John’s Hall, Ansley Common and Ansley Village Church Hall

Income from both halls has ceased completely but there are sufficient funds in the respective accounts to meet the bills that will have to be paid. St John’s Hall Committee agreed at their last meeting in January to have the windows repaired and painted.  This will be paid for through funds that are already available. 

St John’s Services Account

There are no bills to be paid from this account for the foreseeable future.


Prayer Requests

If you would like someone or a particular situation remembered in prayer during  this time of disruption, please make contact by email or phone one of the following.

Rev. J. Langlands 02476675236 email jlanglands@sky.com;  M. Antill 01827874520; M. Freestone 024 7638 1833; M. Oliver 014 5582 2822 or D. Kealey 02476395089

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Personal Profile
Question Mark

We are waiting for a new appointment. We ask your prayers for this process.

Unfortunately Rev. John is no longer with us and we are without a vicar at present,  but the church is still here

Please contact one of the wardens

Margaret Antill 01827 874520 or  077889 17822

Moreen Freestone 024 7638 1833

Diana Kealey 024 7639 5089

Margaret Oliver 01455 822822

January Jottings

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