2019 Flower Festival Report

25 Sep 19


The hot sun shone and many people came to our festival this year, with the theme of “Rest”. 


We had many comments in our visitor’s book reflecting on the peace that they found. It is very rewarding to realise that our efforts helped people. 


Another observation was the vast number of stones that were put at the foot of the cross to help people leave their burdens with our Saviour.


Ever since our festival started the main object has been to bring the Christian message to all who come. 


We all need to rest from the work and daily pressures of life, and one of our first displays portrayed “On the seventh day God rested.” Other displays included “Be still my soul,” “He restoreth my soul,” “In peace I will lie down and sleep.” We all have troubles and as well as “Bringing all my burdens, sorrow, sin and care,” we portrayed “I have no peace, no rest and my troubles never end,” when we need to come to God for help. But then there are times when it is necessary to get up and act, e.g. “Rest not day or night,” and finally from the hymn “We rest on Thee” we took “And in Thy name we go.” 


There were many hours of work carried out by a great many people in preparing for this event.


Not just in creating the displays, but in making cakes, publicising, cleaning, tidying the churchyard and manning the rotas, the list is endless.



All this work was freely given and helped make it the wonderful event it was.


The forecast of a hot weekend after so much rain was encouraging. 


But with the church so warm, even overnight, it did make us wonder if the flowers would hold up, but hold up they did. 


People commented on how well they survived the heat, but it did mean that by the Wednesday when they were cleared there were not so many to share with others and leave in church for the next week.


The dry weather also meant that more people were able to sit out in the church yard, trying to find some shade and enjoying the Morris Dancing on the Monday afternoon.


It was very encouraging for Ansley Morris that for their audience participation dance there were a lot more volunteers (including men!), that the ‘dancers’ took up the biggest part of the path between the church and annexe. 


We are very grateful to Ansley Morris for their continued freely given support to our festival each year.



The generosity of the many visitors some returning year after year, and some coming for the first time, has also made it a financial success, with a total of £3,260 raised.



It will mean that just over £400 will be sent to both Nuneaton Hospital League of Friends and the same amount to the Acorn Children’s Hospice. The remainder being for church funds.


As usual the supportive atmosphere that accompanies our Flower Festivals did not change, the friendship and fellowship that is created in both the working together and helping one another was maintained.



We would like to thank all those who help and support this event each year.






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