Marie's June Article

28 May 19

We are always hearing of endangered species but now the humble one pence and two pence coins are endangered.  However, they have been given a reprieve for now.  There were indications that they were to be scrapped but now the Chancellor has promised they will be here for years to come.  This brought to mind how money is worth less now when I asked my son what the going rate for a tooth left under the pillow was and he said it was one pound.

Having lived through children , grandchildren and great grandchildren, I am surprised  how their tastes in  food have changed .   My children loved home made chips, crisps, biscuits and in fact one of my sons worked for many years at Walkers crisps and one of my friend’s sons was really envious and wished his dad worked there because he was mad on crisps. The grandchildren love Pizza , Garlic bread and French Fries whereas the great grandchildren love Cucumber, raw Carrot and Sausages  and one of them loves Broccoli .  How times change.

In 1850 a young man, Joseph Dobson, brought his young bride to Elland Yorkshire, where he believed an inheritance awaited him,  but the dishonest solicitor had stolen all the money. It was a bitter blow but the young couple had a brainwave; they would make cakes, biscuits  and sweets and offer them for sale.  They sold them from their home, then opened  a shop.  Soon they had to build a factory and Joseph Dobson’s later became a household name.  Today many of Dobson’s sweets are still made to old family recipes.

After writing the following poem, I decided to press flowers from each season to capture some of their beauty:   
 This is June with colours divine.
  Flowers too numerous to define. 
  If only this scene we could hold and store. 
  But these flowers will soon make room for even more 

Marie Cove.

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Flower Festival August 2019

Over the 55 years that this festival has been held in St Laurence’s Church Ansley, it has never ceased to amaze that for each year, and in good time, a theme is sent. (an answer to prayer!). For 2019 the theme is “Rest”.For those doing th...


Personal Profile
Rev. John Langlands

 It is with great pleasure that I would like to welcome you to St Laurence.  Frances, my wife, and I have received a very warm welcome ourselves, so you will not be disappointed when you visit St Laurence.  I am also the Curate of the other churches in Ansley and Arley – St John’s, St Michael’s and St Wilfrid’s.

Being in a rural and farming area in the north part of Coventry Diocese is like coming home for us.  A number of years ago I pastored a church in rural Norfolk which was mainly surrounded by arable farms with some pigs and chickens.  The strong sense of community life was something very special.  This should be particularly valued in these days when many folk live such individual, separate and often lonely lives. 

We have just had hot off the press a visiting card which I hope reflects what our church stands for: ‘You will not walk alone.  Together we are with you on life’s journey’.  Over these next weeks, months and years, I hope we can get to know you better and that you will find Frances and myself not just ‘churchy’ people but friends as well, who enjoy life and plenty of laughter!