28 Jan 19


God has been very good to us. By the end of the year we had not been able to pay £1080.40 of the parish share. However by the time of the PCC meeting on the 22nd January we had received a very generous anonymous donation and, with other funds that had come in early in the New Year, the PCC were able to make the decision to pay that outstanding amount.


 We had made our possible shortfall on the Parish Share clear back in the autumn, not only to the congregation and the people of Ansley, but also to those who set the budget at deanery level. The other Warwickshire deaneries are also helping Nuneaton deanery which has enabled Nuneaton to reduce the amount they are asking us to pay in 2019. The amount we are being asked to pay is £20,000, which is a reduction of £4,594 on the amount asked for in 2018.. This £20,000 equates to the total cost allocated for 0.25 of a vicar which includes not just John’s salary but a share of other Diocesan expenditure as well. If you wish to know in more detail how these figures are calculated please do have a word.


We are very grateful to all who have responded to the situation that has arisen and have increased their giving in one way or another. But please do remember that our situation is still not good as we are now without any reserves to meet any unexpected or increased costs that may occur. 


God has provided for us and we are confident of his goodness to us.


Items of note in the accounts

General account: Overall our figures are very much the same as last year. As mentioned above we no longer had the reserves.

Of concern is that the magazine is not paying its way, having a deficit of £120. The production costs have not increased for some years, but sales are reducing. It is not known how long we can continue with this situation. It is however noted that the website is being used increasingly and the information that people want is being found from there. However we still need to produce some form of paper communication.

Our heating costs are also going to continue increasing but they are monitored very closely.

Churchyard Fund: Having paid for the £4,100 worth of work carried out on the trees from the Buckler Churchyard Bequest Account, this account managed to just pay all the bills without drawing on the deposit account. The final position was a deficit of £262. The delay in starting the grass cutting because of the harsh winter at the beginning of the year resulted in £520 reduction in the grass cutting bill to £4,240. This helped the position immensely.

Fabric Fund: We have spent just over £8,000 on the church fabric in 2018. However, like all work on the building, it will we hope be a case of “a stitch in time.”  As with all old buildings maintenance and repairs are an ongoing issues.

Other accounts: Both the hall accounts and St. John’s Services account have made a surplus, which is ensuring they remain on a secure footing. St. John’s Services account has also contributed £1,175 towards the parish share.


You are welcome to see a full copy of the accounts once they have been inspected. There will be a copy in the church porch for about 6 weeks or please do have a word. 

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Unfortunately Rev. John is no longer with us and we are without a vicar at present,  but the church is still here

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