Marie's January Article

30 Dec 17

January, 2018
It is always strange putting in the date at New Year, because it doesn’t seem long since we were changing the year last year.  Over many years I have heard people make New Year’s resolutions and many have not been kept for longer than a couple of weeks.  In times gone by watch night services were common and people went to their local church on New Year’s Eve to give thanks for the parting year and to rejoice in the coming of a new one.  As the clocks struck midnight, bells rang out all over the country.

December 2017 started like the winters of old with heavy snow when schools were shut, roads blocked, aeroplanes grounded.  We felt like prisoners for two or three days, but it  was wonderful watching the children in  our Crescent enjoy the snow with snowball fights and then building snowmen, which were the best I had ever seen.  Despite all this, our Milkman came as usual (we still have milk delivered in bottles), and it was wonderful to know this is one service we can rely on.

We may sometimes complain about how many adverts there are on commercial T.V. and even the B.B.C. advertise forthcoming programmes and if you are watching a serial, show a preview of what is to  come.  However there are two adverts for B.T. which really make me smile.  One is two children  capturing their dog on their ‘phone, as he puts his head out of the window of the car, letting the wind blow through his fur.  The other one is two lads looking at their ‘phone and their laughter is infectious.  These adverts are brilliant.

When you read this we will have started a new year – 2018, but I would personally like to thank our congregation at St. John’s and all the people who have supported us in our social events.  They make St. John’s, not only a church to be proud of, but also to enable us to make it cosy and welcoming, having had the floor resurfaced and a radiator put in our cold kitchen.  Thank you all.

New Year is a time not only for resolutions but for good wishes, and a time for new beginnings.  These words sum up all that we could wish for each other on January 1st.  May this be a happy and healthy year for all of us.

Marie Cove.                                                                                                                          

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