Marie's December Article

28 Nov 17

December, 2017

When we went to Atherstone in the middle of November, you would not believe what time of year it was.  Round Purley Chase there were still lots of leaves on the trees and the grass on the Golf Course was so lush and green.  Then in the woods where Bluebells bloom in the Spring, there was a golden carpet of leaves.  It came into my mind they were keeping the Bluebells warm over the winter to flower in abundance in the Spring.
Our son gave us a book called “1,227 FACTS” and in brackets it said, ‘To blow your socks off’ and believe me it does.  I’ll tell you just a couple of these – ‘In 2011 Birds Eye sold 225 billion frozen peas; enough to fill 40 Olympic swimming pools.’  In the 19th and early 20th centuries, having all your teeth removed and replaced with false ones was a popular 21st birthday present.  It doesn’t bear thinking about.
I don’t like ironing, so to lessen the tedium I play CD’s of my favourite music, anything from Fred Astaire (who is great to iron to) to Classical music, but then I have been told by younger people, ‘Nobody irons anymore.’   No wonder a lot of them look so scruffy.  Then there are mealtimes.  When we were young we had a cooked meal every day but had a very limited diet – the only vegetables beside Potatoes were Swede, Parsnip, Onions and Cabbage.  We really looked forward to the short season of fresh Garden Peas and Runner Beans.  Now we are in the age of ‘fast food’ and meals of potatoes, vegetables and meat seem to be unfashionable.  Well at least on Christmas Day everyone can enjoy a Turkey Dinner with all the trimmings and I must say our Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren really enjoy it.
Peace on earth, goodwill to men – isn’t that what Christmas is all about?   I wish  you and yours a Happy and Peaceful Christmas.

Marie Cove 

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